CPP to boycott second and third phase of Local Body Elections


ATTOCK – 12TH SEPTEMBER, 2005. Communist Party of Pakistan has decided to boycott the second and third phase of the Local Bodies Election and have also requested the like minded parties to boycott the same.

This was categorically stated by the Central Spokesman, Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik of the Communist Party of Pakistan in a press release issued by the Communist Party Secretariat here on Monday.

The spokesman said that the second and third phase of the local bodies' election is not an election but he termed it as a selection of the privilege, rich and elite classes of the society.

Any candidate, who has brief case and have the money in it, can buy any councillors at a price agreed by both of them. It is a shameless sort of democracy as introduced by Musharraf and its allied political forces, Engineer Jameel stressed vehemently.

The spokesman said that on one hand, the Government and Musharraf are hypocritically maintaining that the Local Bodies Elections are on non party basis and on the other side, every day they are announcing their candidates for the Tehsil and Zila Nazims.

Where is the Election Commission? The Communist Party of Pakistan doesn't see any positive role of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and ECP is totally partial and doing what ever suggested to him by Pervaz Musharraf.

You just resigned from the rival political party of Musharraf and the next moment, you will be nominated as the Zila Nazim of any abc district by the Chief Ministers of Punjab and Sind.

Is this not horse trading but, who will invoke the defection Article 63 A of the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973, the one who are in the powers and claims to be the champion of the shameless democracy or the ECP or the superior judiciary? No one will reply you.

He termed the Election Commission as the B and Yes Team of Musharraf. The corrupt or illegal practices has been defined very well in the election law books here but practically everything is adverse to those election laws but the job of ECP is not to enforce those laws, says the spokesman of CPP.

If you have the money, neither Musharraf nor Election Commission of Pakistan can be any hurdles for you. It is your own choice and investment; you want to be a Tehsil or Zila Nazim, Engineer Jameel said.

Musharraf and its allied forces will capture most of the Tehsil and Zila Nazims slot in the schedule October Polls but a time will come, when Musharraf and its allied forces will vanish like Marcos and many other dictators of the world.

Communist Party is a party of workers, peasants and downtrodden masses and it carries no brief case either but the history tells us that one day comes in every country, when the genuine political forces capture and emerged as the potential political force; the spokesman concluded his statement with these remarks.

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