Christians held a Rally to divert attention of Pakistani Muslims towards their demands


Islamabad: Christians of Islamabad held a "Ramzan Mubarak Justice Prosper Rally" led by former federal minister and organizer Pakistan human rights party J.Salik. Its objective is to divert attention of the Pakistani Muslims towards their demands. A huge Scale of Justice led the Rally. J.Salik and Mrs. Mary Salik walked along it.
J.Salik on this occasion diverted the attention of Pakistan Muslim brothers and explained the objective of holding this Rally in the "Ramazan". He said that this is the 1st Friday of the holy month which has a great significance in Islam. He added that this month refreshes the lesson of justice, kindness and equality, so during this mubarak month I want to divert the attention of Pakistan Muslims towards the principle based demands of the Christians so that justice may prosper in Ramazan.
As regards this Huge Scale, I don't want that anyone say that scale of justice in Pakistan is not in balance of the Christians who fully and equally participated and are participating in the establishment of Pakistan, its development and stability. He added that oppressed minority is being given prejudice treatment.
He said that in support of the demands of oppressed Christians I have been in yellow parachute and ashes for the last 124 days. I have locked my gate and the awards which I got in recognition of my services are lying on footpath. During this period, extracting my blood and spread over my head for seven times, lighted 7 lamps of blood, Christians observed 14th August 2005 in graveyard, spread ashes on their heads before Parliament House and celebrated "Ashes Day". They darkened their faces to observe "Dark Day" but it is cold response that no government representative cared for all this.
He further said that my struggle is well known to all Pakistanis that I raised voice against each and every atrocity in Bosnia, Philippines, Uganda, Barma, Iran and Iraq, Kashmir and Afghanistan even in every cornier of the world. Even now I am fighting for the just rights of these oppressed Christians. He appealed 16 Crores of Muslims to raise voice against this attitude.

The demands are as follow:

· Minorities have been neglected in the budget, the Prime Minister should take them in confidence, he may explain and ask for forgiveness on radio and TV.

· Islamic Ideological Council's decision to spend confiscated liquor income on minorities has added fuel to fire.

· Resident of Islamabad slum areas have been living here for 27 years. Even after 10 years of ownership rights, they remain deprived of basic facilities. They on self-reliance have arranged for electricity and water, but the entire abadi is fed on single electricity meter, each and every house needs a separate meter.

· CDA with privatization of sanitary work has done great injustice with sanitary workers who cent present are Christians as such the action of privatization smells prejudice against them. Moreover the services of every sanitary worker are terminated without cogent reason.

· National Assembly 207 seats have been enhanced to 335, women 15 seats have been raised to 60 but 30-year-old minority 10 seats remain same. Even these 10 seats have been filled by selection rather than election; as such minorities must be given proper representation in National Assembly.

· Parents of Christian women before changing religion must first be served a notice. During notice period, she should be kept in Dar-ul-Aman. A copy of this notice should be endorsed to D.C.O, area Nazim and the councilor. Married women, after change of religion, must observe "Iddat Period" (as per Islamic Law) before marrying again.

· During last 58 years, minority problems have not been solved, so Prime Minister should listen to their problems at least once a year.

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