Julius Salik well before the earthquake had warned the Government on September 2, 2005 to be careful and had offered 30 black goats to Sacrifice them in order to prevent downfall


Islamabad: November 19, 2005. Former federal minister, nominee for Nobel Peace Prize and organizer Pakistan Human Rights Party, J.Salik addressing a Press Conference said that falling down of Speakers' chair in the National Assembly, inauguration in absentia by Prime Minister of Sector D-12 after 12 years, providing opportunity to Christians to pray before Parliament House with ashes in head, walking out of the Assembly in protest by the ruling party members and bringing them back by opposition members – is first time in the history of Pakistan. This appears to be an indicator of downfall.
He said that following 4000 years old history of Jonah's nation age, the Islamabad Christians wore ashes and jute dress in protest against atrocities faced by them but rulers response remained cold. CDA by privatizing only sanitary work made Christians slaves of contractors, which is an open injustice with them. He further said "I have been in this yellow parachute for the last about 100 days but the government does not care for it." On this extreme of cruelty, we shall observe 13th September 2005 as "Downfall Day".
J.Salik said that he is the owner of Pakistan, the treatment and atrocities, the Christian community is receiving at the hands of government servants, is contrary to the constitution of Pakistan and the principles and ideology of the Quaid-e-Azam. J.Salik added that being owner of Pakistan, it becomes his duty to save his country from any kind of downfall and advised that instead of firing 30 guns on August 14 in Federal capital, National Assembly Speaker should give Sadqa of 30 Black Goats, so that God may accept the sacrifice and the rulers are saved as such institutions would be saved which are more important than any thing else.
He said that the purpose of having these 30 goats during this press conference with me is that if the speaker and the Prime Minister don't have time, they may take these goats from me and give Sadqa by slaughtering them in the National Assembly Hall. If sacrifice of these goats saves the institutions, I will consider myself to be lucky I shall not hesitate to sacrifice my life for my beloved country.
At the end he advised to General Pervez Musharraf not to test Christians any more, give rights to deprived community. He should declare "Minority Rights Emergency" in the whole country immediately.

Demands are as follow:
· Minorities have been neglected in the budget, Prime Minister should take them in confidence and address on radio and TV.
· Islamic Ideological Council's decision to spend confiscated liquor income on minorities has added fuel to fire.
· Resident of Islamabad slum areas have been living here for 27 years. Even after 10 years of ownership rights, they remain deprived of basic facilities.
· They on self-reliance have arranged for electricity and water, but the entire abadi is fed on single electricity meter, each and every house needs a separate meter.
· CDA with privatization of sanitary work has done great injustice with sanitary workers who cent present are Christians as such the action of privatization smells prejudice against them.
· National Assembly 207 seats have been enhanced to 335, women 15 seats have been raised to 60 but 30 year old minority 10 seats remain same. Even these 10 seats have been filled by selection rather than election, as such minorities must be given proper representation in National Assembly.
· Parents of Christian women before changing religion, must first be served a notice. During notice period, she should be kept in Dar-ul-Aman. A copy of this notice should be endorsed to D.C.O, area Nazim and the councilor. Married women, after change of religion, must observe "Iddat Period" (as per Islamic Law) before marring again.
· During last 58 years, minority problems have not been solved, so Prime Minister should listen to their problems atleast once a year.

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