Global Council of Indian Christians condemn RSS leader Mr Sudarshan call to procreate more sons.


Banglore. November 21, 2005. The Global Council of Indian Christians GCIC, President Sajan George strongly condemned the statement made by RSS leader. He said that "the supremo of radical Neo-fascist Hindu organization`s(RSS) latest direction to Hindu women to procreate more to keep up the majority against Christians and other Minorities in India is a deliberate attempt to " talibanise" Indian society on communal lines. His snide remarks against Christians and others are not suitable for the highest cultural ancestry of our nation. His remarks against Christians in the North East India is to instigate violence and create disharmony. Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) jointly with the civil society demand an unconditional apology for his remarks against Christians and urge the Government of India to held Sudersanji and his likes held responsible for disturbances in North east on account of feeling of alienation and insult. We fear that Sudarshanji`s attempt is to instigate green card onslaught by prosperous neo fascists against Christians under the bogey partial analysis of demographic picture in the 2001 census.
RSS chief Kupahalli Sudershan`s call that Hindu couples procreate more than three children – indeed advocating a dozen sons per family – to sustain their religious majority in India is irrational and is aimed at talibanising Hindus in India. It is a racist statement soiled by foul religious bigotry and population manipulations that died out with the end of Hitler`s "pure race" concepts.
Mr. Sudershan and the RSS have of the Indian woman – victim of child rape in the guise of traditional Devadasi marriages (associated with some of the temples), and now presented as a political womb at the service of a maniacal ideology and its demonic hatred towards other communities. The Indian woman is now being asked to produce enough children to correct fancied and imagined imbalances in the population of one religion. The poor women are further demean to complete ambitious bigotry of by Mr. Sudershan and to talibanise the society on communal lines.
The RSS demographic thesis has been given the academic exactitude by the highly suspect work of another frontal organization, the Chennai based Center for Policy Studies. The then Deputy Prime minister Lal Krishan Advani and NCM chairperson Sardar Tarlochan Singh brought out this work soon after the 2001 Census with a foreword. The entire purpose of the voluminous tome, bought by many government departments at the then BJP-led government`s insistence, was to raise a bogey of a Minority population explosion, and fears of terrorism in a so called Christian-majority North east.
The statistical data presented was even then exposed to be false extrapolation. The arguments were against the scientific and official data produced by the People of India Project of the Government under the directorship of the scholar Dr K S Singh.
On Christians, the 2001 census once again established that the percentage of the Christian population in India is steadily declining because of the norm of one or two children per family, even among the poor and in rural areas. The myth of a Christian conspiracy in the Northeast based on population and conversion was also conclusively exposed to be false, highly motivated and mischievous and meant entirely to defame an entire community. The statistics shows that in places like Goa the Christian population over last decade had fallen by over eight percentage.

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