Ambassador of Poland visits NATO contingents in Bagh Azad Kashmir. By Ashique Hamdani


Pakistan. Mr. Bogdan Marczewski the Ambassador of Poland and Brigadier General Mr. JA Bautis Otero Deputy Chief of Staff of NATO Relief operation in Bagh Azad Kashmir categorically declared that NATO neither have any political intentions nor it will remain stay even a single day than agreed with Government of Pakistan. Mr. Bogdan Marczewski the Ambassador of Poland paid special visit to Polish contingent deployed in Arja Bagh. 150 physicians and engenderers have been stationed in Arja according with decision of Polish Defense Ministry as NATO member country. Earlier Ambassador Mr. Bogdan Marczewski arrived Arja this morning and received by Col. Rosa Andrzey the Commander Poland`s contingent, Mr. Lieutenant Colonel Mr. Pedro Vallespin Gomez Media Chief of NATO relief mission and Ashique Hamdani Chief Executive European Institute for Culture Investment at Arja helipad. The Ambassador briefed at headquarters located with Spanish contingent by Brigadier General Mr. JA Bautis Otero Deputy Chief of Staff of NATO Relief. It was identified as the most difficult operation in the NATO history, which never was engaged in such activities earlier except relief operation in New Katrina in United States. Brigadier General Mr. Otero appreciated Pakistan Army. He said that we are used to work with Pakistan Army in various UN Peace Missions in African and European countries including Congo, Rwanda, Bosnia and other countries. He said the Pakistan army is well aware and trained to deal with humanitarian operations, which helped us to deal with very complicated situation. He said that NATO brought heavy machinery, which was a difficult mission because of narrow roads. He said there is no single soldier among the NATO contingents, which comprised of engineers, physicians and technicians. He said that NATO is only engaged in relief and rehabilitation "we are not tasked with reconstruction". He said "wastage management is an immediate task besides providing shelter to people living at remote hilly areas and are in danger with heavy snowfalls and raining. Brigadier General Mr. JA Bautis Otero introduced his staff. with Polish Ambassador attended a multimedia support briefing about Poland,s contingent. Col. Rosa Andrzey the Commander Poland`s contingent briefed Ambassador Mr. Marczewski and said that The Government Post Graduate College for Girls located in Bagah and Arja Bagh Road are major polish assignments to rebuild. He said that clearance of demolished construction, debris disposal and restoration of roads in affected areas. Polish Mission together with Netherlands and Lithuania are engaged with purification and distribution of water in Bagh city is one among our major tasks. Water purification quantity is reached 20, 6000 litters. Poland brought personals and technical equipment by 13 special constituent flights. Col. Rosa Andrzey hosted a launch in the honor of Polish Ambassador Mr. Marczewski which was attended by the representatives of USA, Spain, Netherlands , Hungary, Lithuania, Turkey and other NATO member courtiers. In his way to Bagh Ambassador Mr. Marczewski met with Polish engineers and construction workers deployed for rebuilding of Arja Bagh Road . He visited Post Graduate College for Girls in Bagh which is re-constructed by Polish engineers and workers. Sardar Amjad Yousaf Khan District Relief Coordinator hosted a reception in honor of Ambassador Mr. Marczewski. Community leaders appreciated and paid great respect for NATO relief operation and demanded that relief operation either prolongs until completion of fully reconstruction or minimum 6 more month. Addressing a largely attended meeting in Bagh Ambassador Mr. Marczewski said that political decision are made by higher authorities in Pakistan and NATO officials with mutual understanding and local NATO staff is not eligible to make any political decision. He said that we have to complete our task till 21, Feb.2006. NATO is ready to help in total rehabilitation and reconstruction if it is requested from Government of Pakistan. "NATO is committed to honor our agreement with Government of Pakistan", Ambassador Mr. Marczewski explained that NATO will not stay even one more day than agreed date. He said that we understand the miseries and difficulties of earthquake affectees. While talking with journalist a said that NATO can`t play a role to address the issues of Line of Control. He said "Both the leaderships of Pakistan and India are dedicated to resolve the complicated issues and we believe that issues concerned with Kashmir or LOC will be addressed by the mutual understanding of both countries. Ambassador Mr. Marczewski met with citizens of Bagh and discussed with officials of Pakistan Army at Bagh helipad.

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