Christmas Spirit. By Kenneth Massey, Editor Jaag News


I did not give it a second thought to change this title to please the bureaucrats or the political correctness watchdogs.
Britain once light with bright and colorful display
Today is sight of cold, dull and dismay
We must respect religious festivals of all faiths, support and learn from celebrations to gain a better understanding to build bridges and have cohesive community. These joyful times should not be suppressed, but the happiness should be shared and truly value the diverse traditions and cultures within our communities.
On the contrary Councils here in UK are offending both Christians and Non-Christians alike. The tradition that is not only internationally recognized and celebrated, it is being taken away from the Christians. Blaming Non-Christians by saying they may be offended, maybe it is just another cost saving scheme or matter of convenience.
The bureaucrats are surely digging up something that is not there and knowingly or unknowingly building tensions in communities, in preference of the other religious festival, councils are determined to sacrifice Christian Festivals. What they don't realize that many Christians are being offended. Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas means a lot to people as it bring families and friends together. It binds communities together as all join in.
Christmas is a season when shopping malls have the Christmas feel of happiness that enhances shopping experience and raises Christmas spirit. Santa Claus grotto, Carol singing, nativity display and Christmas decorations that once filled the town centers are on a decline due to this political correctness madness.
When diversity is being embraced, why do our traditional Christian values, generosity, peace, harmony, justice, equality, charity that communicates to the entire world message of love and friendship, embarrass us. When we can celebrate every culture let us not forget our own Christian values and traditions. Let us together put an end to this political correctness nonsense that dampens our Christmas spirit.

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