An open letter to King Abdulla Bin Abdul Aziz, ruler of Saudi Arabia from Sajan George, President, Global Council of Indian Christians.


Bangalore 25th January Your Majesty King Abdulla Bin Abdul Aziz King and Spiritual Head of Saudi Arabia Camp New Delhi Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) extends our warmest greetings to you on the eve of the Indian Republic Day celebrations. May God bless you with long life. We thank you for proposing India, with second largest Muslim population to an observer status in the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC). We also thank you on behalf of the civil society for intervening to save the eyes of Mr. Naushad, which was to be gauged as a shariat punishment We humbly petition you the following for your kind attention and intervention make this world better place to live for our generation and for the posterity You Majesty, do you know what degree of shame, abomination, misery and wretchedness is being heaped on most of the innocent and peace-following Muslims all over the world because of this so-called and self styled Jihadis emanating from Saudi Arabia? Do you know how many innocent, unsullied people are being daily butchered as result of this professed Jihad of yours? How many children are being orphaned and women being widowed precisely for the same reason? And do you know, killing one faultless human being is like killing the entire humanity? You must definitely know that you will surely be held accountable for this all bloodshed along with others. Will you, then, be able to face your God? I challenge, no! Then, why have you become an agent of some hidden hand? Why are you taking the responsibility of the murder of entire humanity to yourself on his behest? Why are you dragging the Muslims down? Why are you? Demeaning Islam by presenting it as a terrorist religion? Acting like this, which religion are you rendering a great service to? Are you raising the standard of Islam high or you (if you reflect on it) are causing the heads of the followers of the path of the righteous bow down with shame in front of the entire humanity. For God`s sake, take recourse to sense, and announce a CEASEFIRE at once so the inhabitants of world may be introduced to that divine aspect of the Muslims at whose hands no soul suffer, whose words and actions bear no tinge of dichotomy, whose speech, when uttered, conveys to others, the message of love and protection, whose thoughts, when thought, are devoted to the well being of others. Herein lies the true success, and herein lies the victory of the true religion of Allah. NON-Muslims in Saudi Arabia today face a grave, new threat. Already dispossessed of everything they face exploitation and bondage, now face incursions of radical Muslims, systematically propagated by front organizations of the terror groups, threatening to further distance them from justice. For the majority of Saudis, enemies are invisible. The enemy invented for them instead is Christianity, demonized as a dangerous foreign conspiracy to destabilize Saudi. Any Saudi who confess Christ face death sentence. Where as your Excellency is the biggest sponsor of Saudi Government directed proselytization and this dichotomy is obscurantist in the modern world. GCIC appeal to your Majesty to extend freedom of worship for 3.6% of Christians and 0.7% Hindus in your kingdom consisting of 17118000 Saudi population. Independent investigations established attacks on Christians were result of hatred and suspicion systematically introduced by activists of Islamic terror groups to promote a false majoritarian Islamic identity in violent opposition to them. The local administration refuses to act against the pamphlets and CDs, which make repeated venomous references to the church, and ignores the mounting terror among the Christians and other minorities. Christians in Saudi Arabia face constant danger. There is documented evidence of Christians who have been held, tortured, killed and expelled from the country, often without charge, because of their religious beliefs and practices. Pray Saudi Christians, who are as harmless as doves as they continue to meet, worship and share their faith with Muslim friends. Pray that your majesty will put pressure on the Saudi government to stop the systematic oppression and torture of Christians and other minorities We pray that your majesty will restore dignity and justice for all the section of the society in Saudi and in OIC May your benevolence and sense of fair play help the human beings on planet earth a better place to live? Yours truly Sajan K George National President Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC)

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