Protest on cartoons of Prophet Mohammad is one solid voice of one billion Muslims. Shafiq Khan.


Canada. Comments and criticism are still on regarding the blasphemed caricature of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). It appears most of the people (other than Muslims) don`t understand the real issue here. Some are saying, "Islam has been hijacked by the fundamentalists and terrorist group." Some say, "It was simply a cartoon, why Muslims can`t take a joke?" And some label Islam as rigid [and] old-fashioned and say Muslims are still living in the Dark Ages. Without offense to anyone, I have to remind those critics and commentators that they are not qualified to comment on this issue unless they are not aware deep down of the basics of Islam. Without going into detail, I would ask people from other religions to read the five "pillars" or fundamentals of Islam. One is "believing in the oneness and omnipotence of God and Prophet-hood of Mohammed (peace be upon him". Let me tell you worthy readers, the first pillar is so indispensable that if any Muslim deviates even one-billionth part of an eyelash, he is out of the religion and would be considered an infidel. You can`t compare the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) with Adolf Hitler, Ariel Sharon, the Holocaust, Israel, President George W Bush or any other person or institution so you can draw cartoons or make jokes on the David Letterman late-night show. The unrest and reaction after the publication of the cartoon, which brought umbrage to the Muslim world, has nothing to do with a handful of terrorists or fundamentalists, but this is one solid voice of over 1 billion Muslims around the globe. This is not the first time Muslims all over the world have reacted so intensely against the desecrated of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and the Koran but have also demonstrated the same kind of outrage even before September 11, 2001and the words "fundamentalist" and "terrorist" were introduced to the civilized world. What about Salman Rushdie`s The Satanic Verses, which rocked the Muslim world almost two decades back?

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