Sajan George, President of Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) dismayed on forcible conversion of Christians in Dang, Gujrat. GCIC files petition with President of India.


BANGALOR, 11th Feb 06 Memorandum Dr A.P.J ABDUL KALAM PRESIDENT OF INDIA RASHTRPATHY BHAVAN NEW DELHI Respected Rashtrapathiji, Per favour of H. E. T.N. Chatruvediji, Honourable Governor of Karnataka Our Country was founded the premise that humans are born with unalienable rights and this is etched in the hearts and minds of every person but the Christian Minorities and Dalits are discriminated on almost every front. We entreat you to uphold the constitutional guarantees enshrined to Minorities and weaker section of the society in letter and SPIRIT. India has signed and ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) that guarantees religious freedom in Article 18 and protects the culture and religion of minorities in Article 27. The Constitution of India also guarantees religious freedom. In spite of these international and constitutional protections , A- We are saddened and dismayed by the forced conversion of Christians in the Dang districts of Gujrat by radical Hindus. The fact finding team from Delhi have irrefutable proof to show that radicals are systematically planning to enact a Godhra like situation to unleash Mayhem in Dangs. Dangs came to the lime light in 1998 for serial attacks on Churches and burning of Bibles.. Swami Aseemanand, currently Shraddha Jagran Pramukh (Chief of Faith Awakening) of Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, the RSS affiliate working in the tribal areas, set up his camp here and began his activities for `protection` of Hindu faith. Present total population of Christians in Dangs is just eight odd thousands and Christians are less than 0.5% of the total population of Gujarat as a whole.In the deep interiors in the district of Dangs preparations are afoot to hold the Shabri Kumbh on Feb 11-3, 2006. In a place called Subir, a small sleepy village 33 Kilometers from Ahva, the headquarters of Dang district, on the hillock, which earlier was called Chamak Dongar, a huge Shabri Temple has come up. Most of the program is being led by non tribal, the sympathizers of Sangh combine.Huts of tribal Christians were destroyed for refusing to hoist Hindutwa flags.We fear the Occasion of Kumbha would be made to intimidate tiny Christian community. It is believed attempts are made to Creat a new "Ayodhya/Godhra"like situation. Please exercise your powers to protect the Christians living in terror B_We petition your excellency to direct the Karnataka state government to frame charges against Karnataka deputy chief minister Mr Yediyurappa for desecration of Ambedkar`s portrait C-Sree Ravi Shankar in parallel to Festival Of Blessings Pray for India is convening an International VHP meeting in Jakkur Aerodrome. Amazingly hundreds of foreigners including Americans are attending this conference. In this context, a recent press report is referred hereby that an American Evangelist David Terrell had been detained by the police at Amaravila near Trivandram before he could preach a congregation AND ISSUED NOTICES TO Emmanuel church Kota, Rajasthan. It is alleged that the missionary entered the country with the visiting visa and so could not preach. In Bangalore 3 Korean pastors have been arrested and sent to jail recently for sharing Bible. Here the question is whether the foreigners have been using the podiums of many religious platforms owned by self styled spiritual gurus like Ravi Shanker, Sai Baba, Amruthnandamai etc., Are these westerners who are preaching eastern philosophies in this so called spiritual conventions holding a `preaching visa` ? Why this discrimination? D – We urge you to intervene in the increasing number of Murder of tribals and displacement in various tribal areas for commercial exploitation without protecting their rights . E-The emerging pattern of Murder and attacks on Christians in Orissa,Madhya Pradesh,Gujarat and different states are increasing and we seek your intervention to publish a white paper by central government F-We are alarmed by the discrimination and hate perpetrated by guardians of law seek Protection against miscreants in Lakshmipuram, Ulsoor for the AG Church SAJANK GEORGE NATIONAL PRESIDENT, GLOBAL OUNCIL OF INDIAN CHRISTIANS(GCIC

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