Sarafin Bibi and sohail Masih in jail and family forced to leave home by influential muslim. Sohail Johnson, Coordinator, Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan SLMP, presents report


Brief Report of Sarafin Bibi A Christian woman Sarafin along with her other family members, resident of H/No, 1367street No. 106 Lunia Mandi Sadder Lahore Cantt, falsely implicated in a theft case vide FIR No. 844/05 registered in Police Station Shumali Chauni Lahore on 15 August 2005, Sarafin's husband Shafeeq Masih son of Sadeeq Masin approached Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan and told the actual facts of the case. Introduction: Shafeeq, his wife Sarafin, two sons and two daughters were living along with Shafeeq's father Sadeeq and brothers Sohail and Nadeem. They all were living with joint family system. Shafeeq and Sohail are married while Nadeem was unmarried. (now got married with a Muslim girl) and doing job as photographer. Rukhsana (a Muslim girl) aged 22 years, student, daughter of Mohammad Sabir Dogar (Rukhsana's father has been died) was living in neighborhood of Shafeeq etc. Rukhsana's brothers are very strong financially and have strong terms with police and political parties. Background of case: According to the statement of Shafeeq Masih the actual facts of this case are caused by a love affair between his brother named as Nadeem Yousaf s/o Sadeeq Yousaf aged 23 and a Muslim girl named Rukhsana. Nadeem was in love with Rukhsana from about 5 years. Nadeem and Rukhsana fled away on 12 August 2005 and got married. Rukhsana's brothers are very ill reputed in the locality. They have a group of men who illegally possess on the disputed houses and plots. Simply, they belong to land mafia. They are well known in locality for their illegal possessions and other activities. They are financially strong. That's why they did not file case regarding Rukhsana. He moved application of theft of two Kilo Gram Gold ornaments, 4,50,000/= cash and a wristwatch. Rukhsana's brother falsely implicated Shafeeq, his wife Sarafin, his brothers Nadeem and Sohail in the aforesaid theft case. Police got case registered vide FIR No. 844 dated 15 August 2005 under section 380 PPC in Police Station Shumali Chauni Lahore. Meanwhile Shafeeq and all the family members went to Karachi to their relatives with the fear of Dogars. Afterwards Nadeem and Rukhsana also went to Karachi. After about two months all of them came back to Lahore. When they were in the way to Lahore Dogars clutched Nadeem, Rukhsana, Sarafin, Sohail, and one of Shafeeq's son named Nomi and took them to their house. Dogars tortured all of them severely. Meanwhile Rukhsana made a phone call to emergency police. Rukhsana gave statement before Superintendent of police that she got married with Nadeem s/o Sadeeq with her free will and her brothers and uncles etc captivated and tortured her and her in-laws (Sarafin and other family members) unlawfully. After having the statement of Rukhsana, Superintendent of Police set all of them free. Rukhsana and Nadeem went to unknown place while other family members went to Sialkot. As it is mentioned above that Dogars are very rich and they have strong terms with higher police authorities and political parties, that's why police did not tack any action against them. Further Dogars built pressure upon police and filed aforesaid case against Sarafin and other family members. All the family members of Sarafin were scattered with the fear of Dogars and took refuge in the houses of their relatives. Sarafin along with her daughters and sons took refuge at District Sialkot in the house of her brother. Shafeeq was in Lahore at a safe place. On 7th March 2006 police raided at Sialkot and arrested Sarafin, Sohail and one of Sarafin's sons named Nomi. Shafeeq informed Chief Coordinator of SLMP about the arrest of Sarafin etc. SLMP team rushed to the police station and met with investigation officer (I.O.) of the case. I.O. told the team members that police has attested Sarafin and Sohail formally because they are nominated in FIR while Nomi is not nominated in the FIR. Chief Coordinator asked him that why did he arrested Nomi if he is not nominated in the case; I.O. couldn't give any answer on it. Chief Coordinator said I.O. to hand over Nomi to us. After a while police produced Sarafin and Sohail before magistrate. Meanwhile Chief Coordinator appointed a lawyer for the bail of Sarafin and Sohail. Lawyer immediately filed bail petitions and Judge ordered I.O. to present the record of the case on 8th of March 2006 and Sarafin and Sohail were sent to Judicial lock up till the decision of bail application which is still pending. It is pertinent to mention here that when SLMP team was present in the premises of court. About 15 men of Dogars party, armed with weapons came there. They saw that SLMP team has been appointed a lawyer for the bail of Sarafin and Sohail. They became anguish and gave life threats to Chief Coordinator and one of team members for being supporters of Sarafin etc. In fact they showed weapons to SLMP team. I.O was also present there at that time, he suggested Chief Coordinator to leave at once because Dogars are very dangerous men. They have been killed many people during their possessions and land disputes. Team escaped narrowly and left the premises of court. Current Situation: House of Shafeeq's etc is locked and nobody from the family dares to go there. All the family members are scattered. Sarafin and Sohail are behind the bars while Shafeeq, Sadeeq, Nadeem and Rukhsana has been fled away. Chief Coordinator sent Nomi with his father Shafeeq who has contact with SLMP team on cell phone. He wants to face the legal proceedings but he cannot pursue the case openly due to the life threats from Dogars party. Nobody knows where Nadeem and Rukhsana are living. Bail petition of Sarafin and Sohail is still pending with the court and fixed for 11th March for hearing. SLMP team has contact with I.O. and lawyer. It is requested to keep this family in your prayers, especially pray for the release of Sarafin and Sohail who are in the jail. Sohail Johnson Chief Coordinator Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan

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