Family of Rachel who was burnt to death by her husband blames Church of Pakistan official linked with Sindh government protecting killers.


Karachi; April 13, 2006. Rachel was brutally burnt 100% by her husband at her marital home on February 19, 2006. She was taken to the hospital three hours after this incident where she died on the morning of February 20, 2006. However, due to her father-in law Winton Das who is a councilor and help from official`s from the Church of Pakistan this case has not yet gone to Court. After the incident, family of Rachel made a written request with the Shah Faisal Police Station, Shah Faisal Town but they told them to just forgive the murders and even get reconciled with them. It was only after a Court Order on March 25, 2006, that Police registered an FIR under Section 302 which means homicide. However, since that time the Police has continued to stall progress and arrest and arraignment of McMillan Das her husband. The family of Rachel doubts that Church of Pakistan official who has support in Sindh Government is involved in trying to prevent Justice. Asher Bhatti, brother of Rachel said "It is really sad that this official favors his personal friendship over the right of victims and execution of Justice" For Church of Pakistan leader involved in protection of culprits "This is another example of how some abuse their powers. Instead of upholding the law of the Lord, they further victimize the victims" Asher Bhatti Said According to family members statement "Rachel was a godly woman who loved the Lord. She married McMillan Das in the December of 1993. She bore two children and stayed in her marital home until she was fully burnt at the age 41 in February 2006. She had an M.A in Education and was a school teacher" Its ironic that where she was teaching that school held a memorial service in honor of Rachel but not invited her family under pressure by church leaders. Asher Bhatti told PCP that around 2003 McMillan Das, husband of Rachel established illict relations with a woman named Cynthia Jalal. Mr. Das claimed Cynthia to be his second wife while church officials never ex-communicated him but supported him being son a politician. Asher Bhatti added "In spite of this gross violation of Christian law, neither Winton Das, her father-in law nor the Church of Pakistan took any action against her husband. McMillan and his illegal wife continued to harass Rachel and conspired to get ride of Rachel who was brought up in a dedicated Christian family and did not wished to depart from her marital home in spite of unfaithfulness of her husband. She thought that she could win his heart by being faithful to him and their children and Das family" On February 19, 2006 she was brutally burnt down and then taken to the hospital three hours later. This incident took place when her father-in law Winton Das, husband and a brother-in law and women and children were at home. The family of Rachel has appealed to the leadership of the Church of Pakistan to prevent this interference in the investigation and prosecution. The family of victim has demanded an immediate action against McMillan Das and Winton Das.

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