Pakistani Canadian Christian Sonya Zia who wins Miss Photogenic award in Miss Pakistan World competition 2006. An exclusive Interview


Pakistan Muslim society claims to be a conservative religious society to create impact of true Islamic nation on globe and prohibits to organize contest like beauty contest nor permits Pakistani women to participate in International beauty contests like Miss World or Miss Universe. On other hand Islamic Republic of Pakistan organizes Flower Contests and many other venues of Muslim women interests. There are more incidents of rape and abduction of women in Pakistan comparing many under development countries. The prostitution and trade of women is crime in constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan but brothels are run under protection of government agencies where forcible abducted girls and traded women are forced to prostitution. The government of Pakistan has been failed to close brothel in shadow of Badshahi Mosque in Lahore and in every major city and town of country but still claims protection of women. The religious groups and Islamic political parties in Pakistan feel proud to present their women workers in veil before press and in demonstrations in favor of Islamic laws but always hesitated to prevent women abuses and prostitution in Pakistan. The Pakistani sub-standard Islamic society claims equal rights for women but truly speaking has never instituted equal rights for women in society. The name of Sonia khan is name of one daring Muslim Pakistani woman based in Canada who is symbol of challenge to so-called Islamic elements. Sonia Khan established Miss Canada Pakistan Inc. in 2002. She says that his establishment supports Pakistani women to express their talent and views and delegates who become part of Miss Pakistan World pageant are young women who participate in competitions to bring about a change as well as become role models for the Pakistani communities all over the world. Miss Canada Pakistan Inc. has been successfully running since 2002 and is always looking for intelligent and confident individuals representing Pakistan in international pageants like Miss Earth, Miss Tourism and other International pageants. Sonia Khan claims that Pakistan as a country has immense beauty, as it is surrounded by various countries that feed their ethnicity into Pakistan. Pakistan has the best of Middle East, South Asia, Russia, China and Persia. There is a saying that Pakistan has a beauty queen in each little street or neighborhood. The women of Pakistan have always remained hidden due to their cultural bounding. But today in this century, Pakistani women have come out and expressed their love for entertainment, their country and the desire to make a difference for the women of Pakistan. Sonia Khan adds that Miss Pakistan World`s mission is to find positive, energetic role models who will represent and inspire the Pakistani youth within their great community as well as internationally. In addition, the pageant was created to highlight Pakistan in the World and to bring together the youth and the hidden talents of Pakistan. It also brings Pakistani women in new light as artists, judges and contestants. The company has been successfully running since 2002 and is always looking for intelligent and confident individuals representing Pakistan in the global community. The first official Pakistani beauty pageants took place in Canada under the awning of Miss Canada Pakistan Inc. Zehra Sheerazi was the first queen crowned as Miss Pakistan World 2003, who later became the first Pakistani delegate to participate in an international pageant, World Miss University Pageant 2003. She achieved the title of Miss Peace Ambassador. Since then the International Pageant doors opened up for Pakistani beauty queens through the company, Pakistan's participation in international pageants brought Pakistani beauty queens in the international pageantry limelight. In 2006, Miss Pakistan World contest has one participant, an 18-year-old Pakistani Christian born in Lahore. Sonya Zia is name of this 2006 beauty contender who won Miss Photogenic award. When I first published news item about Sonya Khan, I received much e-mail from Pakistani Christian readers who expressed anger on participation of Christian women in such contests. It was also doubted by some Christians that Sonya Zia might not be a Christian either. I also became curious and contacted Sonia Khan for interview of Sonya Zia. The PCP was unable to talk to Sonya Zia but Miss Canada Pakistan Inc. provided this conducted interview to us, which we are producing for our readers. If we had and opportunity to reach directly to Sonya Zia, we might have asked her all questions rose by our readers to this young Christian beauty queen but we hope to conduct such interview in future if possible. Sonya Zia says, "I live with my parents, I have a brother who is 19 years old. My grandmother also lives with me. I went to school in Pakistan until Grade 3. I continued the rest of my education in Canada. Since, I have completed High School, I have been attending Sheridan College in Brampton. I have recently completed my first year in `Law and Security Admin.` Q: Your future wishes and plans. A: In future, I wish to be successful. I would like to have a career in the legal field. Q: How you feel to be Miss photogenic? A: I feel rewarded to have won such a title. I feel proud and thankful. Q: Did you get any negativity from the community? A: I haven`t gotten any negativity from the community. Rather, everyone is proud and encouraging. Q: How was your experience in the Miss Pakistan Pageant? A: My experience in the Miss Pakistan Pageant was a new one. I felt as if I belong. It was great to have met other girls from Pakistan. I made a lot of new friends. Q: Whether, you plan to contest for international pageants in future? A: I do plan to take part in international pageants in the future. I feel that it is a great opportunity for Pakistanis to be a part of these pageants. Q: Explain the support of your family. A: My family has been very encouraging. My mother has been there throughout and I thank her. Without her, this would have not been possible. Q: What message would you give to your fellows Pakistanis as well as the Christian Pakistani community? A: I would encourage girls to participate in such a pageant because of the great opportunity. Q: What was the reason you entered the competition A: I entered the competition to get involved and meet my Pakistani community. Q: Now that you have won Miss Photogenic, what is next for you? A: I wish to move on to an International Pageant and compete. Q: Do you have any tips or words of advice for girls who want to possibly enter the competition in the future?

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