Christian inmate Mobeen Boota beaten on offering his prayers in Kasur Jail


Kasur: April 27, 2006. Mobeen Masih a Christian prisoner is confined in District Jail Kasur and facing a trial of lawsuit pending with session court District Kasur. A criminal case was registered against him vide FIR No. 157/2003 offence under section 395 with police station Mustafa Abad. Sharing Life Ministry's team met with Mobeen on 15th April 2006 during the jail visits of Easter Day's project. Team was shocked when Mobeen showed his injuries. There were about 20, 20 stitches on his right and left arms. About 10 to 15 stitch on right and left upper side of chest and abdomen was also injured and there were also about 10,10 stitches on right and left side of abdomen. All the wounds are very deep and filled with puss. He has infection in his wounds. Mobeen was shivering with pain. Sharing Life Ministry's team members asked him that why he was tortured. He told, "I was praying in my cell. Some Muslim prisoners came there and started teasing me. I begged them not to disturb me that I am praying but they started abusing me passed desecrating remarks about Christianity. Before this occurrence Muslim prisoners and some of jail staff members used for force me to convert into Islam. They said you're your name is Mobeen and it is very respectful name for Muslim as this name is used in Holly Quran. I refused them many times. Meanwhile Chief of the jail staff came there and asked about the matter. Muslim prisoners falsely told the chief and I abused them. Chief took me away from the cell to condemn cell. He also abused me and tortured me. He locked me in a dark cell and went away. At about midnight the Assistant Superintendent of the jail named as Tahir Bhatti along with deputy Superintendent named Shiekh Khalid, Chief named Majeed, Chaker Munshi (Clark) named Ashfaq and Head Warden came there and started beating me. They were armed with sharp big blades. They gave me deep cuts on my both arms, chest and abdomen. Next morning they spread false news that I have injured by myself. Then jail doctor sew my wounds. I made a noise that aforesaid jail staff injured me but all in vain. Even jail authorities did not produce me before the court on my date of hearing". Mobeen's wounds are getting infection, he was looking so feeble and physically disturbed but jail staff is still not giving him proper treatment and it is expected that this negligence of jail authority will cause for his death. Sharing Life Ministry's team member wanted to meet with superintendent of jail to ask about the matter and for the treatment of Mobeen, but superintendent refused by making lame accuses that he is busy in a meeting. It is strongly felt during our jail visits that Christian Prisoners are facing much persecution after the issue of dirty cartoons.

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