A group of Muslims bulldozed the house of a Christian Munsha Masih and killed his son


Kasur: The Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan team rushed to a small village in Kasur on information of killing and demolishing home of one Christian family.

Mansha Masih son of Izhaq Masih his father and two brothers were living at village Gadi Wind district Kasur from their forefathers. They are poor laborer and hardly meet their needs. Mansha and his brothers are married.
A Muslim fellow named as Nazar Mohammad son of Murly Khan claimed that the house in which they were living is his property; litigation is pending with the courts. Nazar Mohammad is a businessman and has strong terms with police officers and political leaders.
According to Mansha Masih, Nazar Mohammad made fake documents of the disputed property with the help of "Patwari" (record keeper of lands).
One of SLMP team members asked Mansha Masih that how long they are living for. Mansha replied, "We are living in the house from our forefathers", "Now about 40 years later Nazar Mohammad claimed that the land of the house belongs to him".

On the day of occurrence Mansha, his father and brothers were at their work place while Mansha's wife named as Arshad Bibi was present at the house with her daughter aged 2 years and a son about 40 days'. Nazar Mohammad came there along with some vagabonds armed with deadly weapons, some policemen and started beating Mansha's wife Arshad Bibi and throwing the households out in the street and bulldozed the house.

Mansha's 40 days' son was lying in the bed. When Nazar Mohammad etc were throwing the households out in the street they also threw bed with. 40 days old baby son of Mansha received injury on his chest and got expired. When police saw the dead body of Mansha's son they fled away from the spot.

Mansha and his brothers were informed later about the occurrence, they rushed the house and saw the house was demolished and households were scattered in the streets while Arshad Bibi was weeping on the dead body of her son.

Statement of Mansha Masih
SLMP team asked Mansha Masih about the occurrence, who told, "My father, brothers and I were present at our work place on the day of occurrence. Somebody informed me that Nazar Mohammad bulldozed my house and my son is also died", "We rushed the house and saw our house was demolished and my wife was howling on my son's death. We moved application in local police station but did not Registered the case. Superintendent of the police threatened us if we would raise the voice. We took dead body to hospital for medical certificate but Nazar Mohammad already reached there before us and joined hands with doctor. When we asked doctor for medical certificate, he refused us by saying that my son is died with hunger".

SLMP team also met with Station House Officer (S.H.O) of local police station

Statement of S.H.O
'I was informed about the bulldozing of Mansha's house but their cases are pending with court so I cannot interfere the court's matter".

One of SLMP team member asked S.H.O that why did police not registered case of Mansha's murder, but he denied giving any answer on it.

S. H.O also denied that police was present there when occurrence took place.

Current Situation
Mansha along with entire family members became homeless..
Opponent party has taken possession on the land of Mansha Masih and started construction while more then half articles of households are still there.

Criminal case could not be registered against Nazar Mohammad for killing a baby boy of Mansha Masih.

Prayer Request
Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan strongly recommends keeping the homeless family in your prayers.
Reported by:
Sohail Johnson
Chief Coordinator
Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan

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