Navaid Hamid, a leader of South Asian Council for Minorties conveys his concerns to PM on deployment of Indian Forces in Afghanistan.


Respected Prime Minister Sahab, I take this privilege to write about an important, crucial and sensitive issue which has started appearing in section of the print media. Since last month or so there are speculations and discussions in the political circles about the possibility of Indian forces being sent by the Indian Government to Afghanistan to help and aid the American led forces, fighting the Taliban on the one hand and facing the resistance from smaller Afghan nationalist groups, on the other, on the request of the American-led alliance and the European Union. The hawks favoring the deployment of Indian forces may have numerous arguments but as an ordinary citizen of this great nation, which has a long history of championing and supporting resistance to foreign occupations and non-alignment, the undersigned strongly feels that the move would be disastrous, politically and historically, to align with the forces which are messed up in the situation created by their misadventures in the troubled nation. In last 25 years or so, India`s approach to the Afghan crisis has not only created ill will amongst even ordinary Afghans but also has given a clear wedge to Pakistan, India`s traditional foe in the region. Having advantage of being a next-door neighbour to the troubled nation, Pakistan has exploited the Afghan crisis to fulfil its political ambitions to the maximum and nobody can deny the hard fact that Pakistan, being the mentor of the Taliban, has greater influence over the majority of its leadership and also over a large section of other small groups resisting the American-led forces being regarded there as occupation forces, even today. I strongly fear that even the slightest reflection of being with the American led forces in Afghanistan would have severe consequences and would send disastrous signals not only to common Afghans but also to domestic population in India, apart from putting minute Hindu and Sikh population in Afghanistan at great risk. Political activists in India shivers to recall the events that followed with the Sri Lanka`s mess up and the backlash by our Tamil brethren to India`s intervention in Sri Lanka`s affairs. As an ardent admirer of your visionary leadership, I am quite confident that all aspects would be in your mind. I earnestly request you to kindly over rule the hawks that are favoring the Indian forces deployment in troubled Afghanistan. with warm respectful regards Navaid Hamid Secretary, SACM July 3, 2006.

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