Pakistan Air Force official brutally tortured Christian employees and their families. J Salik


Islamabad: July 3, 2006. The Peace Worldwide visited the aggrieved families scattered in the streets and the sectors of Islamabad. The astounding fact about the incidence is that these poor people were brutally tortured and beaten by the PAISTAN AIR FORCE officials as if they were third degree criminals or terrorists. These poor families are bearing all this only to be Christians. The point worth mentioning here is that these aggrieved families are under high pressure by the responsible authorities not to open their mouth. They are terrified not to tell about the merciless treatment they have been served with. Even then Peace Worldwide has been sufficiently successful to gather details as well as photographs and video of an injured and brutally beaten youth named Ijaz, pet name Goga, who has been serving Group Captain Mr. Babar. Ijaz told that he was living in servant quarter #C 23 in PAF attached with Group Captain Mr. Babar. He has two children and wife named as Asia Bibi. He told that all of his family members used to work at Mr. Babar's home. On Sunday 18th June 2006 when I was at my residence, i, e., C 23 Mr Babar called me and inquired about the protest and the FIR matter against the Muslim scoundrels. He also threatened me that some Police intelligence or some other agencies are searching for me in the same regard. I showed my ignorance about the whole incidence but meanwhile some PAF officials came upon and demanded me for investigation. Ijaz told that it was my respected boss who gave me in their custody. They hand-cuffed me, covered my face with a bag and threw me in a vehicle and then they drove me to some unknown place where they served me cruel beating with iron rod. Afterwards they put salt and detol on my wounds which was certainly a merciless act. Peace Worldwide is the witness to his injuries as he could not properly walk and sit.
J. Salik also wrote this letter to Air Chief Marshal of PAF.

Tanveer Mehmood Ahmed Sahib
Air-Chief Marshal
PAF Headquarters
Chaklala Rawalpindi
The Worst Incident of the History of Islamabad
Dear Sir
This is my second letter to you to brief you on the worst ever incident of the history of Islamabad. I have already sent a letter to you containing information about the sad incident happened on 22 June in the premises of PAF headquarters.
The information given in the previous letter was incomplete as the astounding facts were brought to light after a week were so shocking that I felt it my utmost duty to bring these gruesome facts to your kind notice
While describing the series of this gruesome incident, I am too tearful to find words to elaborate the whole situation. As, we, the innocent religious minorities (the word religious has been used intentionally because we have always been discriminated on the basis of religion) have been serving the PAF Officers' families for a long time. Our men, women, sons and daughters including the old age folks have always been at their service. These poor families have been victimized on 6 June at 3:00 am, which is the time for making preparations to say prayers. They were attacked brutally in Commando style. The attackers did not spare anybody and showed no respect to women at all be they young, old or pregnant women.
The members of the poor community living in the premises of PAF headquarters were not only physically tortured and beaten up. They were also kidnapped including teenagers and 85 years old people and to far off places like Peshawar knowing that these people did not have money to get back to their homes. They had also been socially boycotted by closing down their small market for two days to further threaten them. They were treated like traitors. The young men were abducted by the commandos and taken to Black Room.
While narrating the whole incident I have tears in my eyes as the way my community has been treated by the Muslim brothers. Whatever is happening and has happened in the capital of Pakistan with the Christian families is a dazzling blow on the beautiful face of democracy and the above mentioned agenda of the whole world especially Pakistan. It's not the matter of a rivalry between two tribes, it's is not the story of a fight between two sects, and it's not the issue between two different races... (Ref. Peace Worldwide Report)
Since thirty years of my struggle as a Pakistani citizen and human rights activist, I have been serving not only the poor, depressed, and socially and economically backward Christian community of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, but also the depressed community of the world irrespective of their religion and race.
While being part of Government body I never committed any corruption or money laundering etc. Due to my honest feelings and efforts for the betterment of my fellow citizens I had been elected four times as a Member of National Assembly. I was the first ever Christian Minister for Minority Affairs, and last but not the least I was also nominated for Noble Peace Prize among 160 million people.
After serving thirty years for building better Pakistan, I would like to make a request to form an Inquiry Commission to investigate this grave matter because:
Their next target was Pastor Ilyas Masih who, along with the Bible and other testaments was thrown out of the premises. Ali is another victim who had been beaten more painfully but he and his family are so terrified and pressurized that they don't dare to open their mouth. Moreover Ramesh masih, Bhola masih, Sami Masih, Pastor Basharat and Pastor Amanat are other victims. The luggage of the aggrieved families and every thing pertaining to Church is also on the ground in front of the famous building of Passport office amidst the capital in a public car parking.

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