The Celebration of 41st Defense Day Turns into prayer for peace


Lahore: "6TH Sept. is the day of new Hope for the whole Nation. We are a free Nation and freedom is enjoyed by each and everyone. The Indians forgot that Pakistan has scarified lot of people to have a free Nation. So how can lose the war". These words were expressed by the participants of the Milap Organization's program in connection of the Pakistan Defense Day which started with the recitation form the Holy Quran and the Holy Bible was read by Miss Sonita Liquat. After that we prayed for the Defense Day of 6th Sept. 2006. After each petition they sang: oh God hear us we pray oh God we love. Petitions were made for the civil, religious and political leaders of the country. We prayed for our President and all the leaders of our Country Oh god hear us we pray oh God hear us we love. Special prayers were said for the lasting peace in the Middle East for all the people of all religions to live in peace. Then the Children of Milap Lahore wing started it with the National song. Sony derti Allah rakhe. And then they have played a skits about the war of Pakistan and India. This was all done with Miss Sonia Bhutta, school teacher. It was really nice to see how well they have presented. Some of the parents were there and they said, "We never thought that our children are so talented." We are grateful to Milap that they are polishing our kids. This program was prepared by Miss Sonia and her team. Then they presented the National songs some were only sung and others were action songs. The children were dressed up according to there songs. Mrs. Lubana George gave briefing about the defense day. She said that India was going to attack Pakistan that the Army of Pakistan knew but they will attack all of a sudden that we didn't know. All the boarders were open one after the other till Rajestan. The Indian Chief of the Army Staff had said that we will have our dinner in Gem Khana Club of Lahore. That was their dream which was never fulfilled. But Pakistan Army really fought and won the war. "We salute our Army and the mothers who gave birth to such sons. You too do study and join Pakistan army and be great men of the our country". Mrs. Shamim Khokhor said that 1965 war was a great incident for the country. It seems everyone was an Army man. That time we have seen that every person supported the Army, who could sing, they supported them with there songs, the Journalists through there writings of poems and assay. Our Nation is a supportive Nation whenever there was a difficult moment we were all one without any discrimination of religion of caste or color. That is why we won the war. To make Pakistan an independent country was a great example but to win the 1965 was like a fountain which will never be dry. 6th Sept. is day for our Army and the whole Nation was memorable of Unity. Mr. Asif Khan said, "The Nation's luck is in the hands of people. When the Nation needs them they will not look back and that's what our young, old and children did". Miss Cheena Bhutta said that there was Unity in the whole Nation among all the religions and there was no religious discrimination that time unlike today. That is why our Army was like an Iron wall for the enemy. In 1965 war the zeal of the people was unbelievable. How everyone was helping in there own way. The people working in the office gave there a day's salary, the people just put camps everywhere the fighters who were just facing the enemy and day and night just going on and on for the Nation" She asked 70 children and elderly participants to remember the three words of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of the country "Faith, Unity and Discipline" Mr. Sherry Khokhar said that the ladies gave there jewelry for the betterment of the country. Even the small kids tried to collect the money, they were told to collect one paisa which could help to buy one tank. Everyone gave there one day's salary for the Army. There was the real Unity. Pastor Joseph shared with us the thoughts of our President Pervez Musherf. He said that these 41 years have strengthened us and made us an atomic country. Pakistan is the only Islamic Country with the Atomic Energy. He said that today we remember all our Martyrs. We have to show the World that our Country is made for the World map. So let us be one and show our faith and discipline. Sunny Bhatti said that our heroes like group Captian in the Paksitsn Ari Force Mr. Cecil Chaudhry fought bravely in the 1965 war and was awarded Sitara-e-Jurat by the Government of Pakistan". Miss Margaret Piara said, "War in any country is not good. The Army is fighting on the boarder to save the Nation. May be difficult to reach the food or other facilities but they do go on and on. As we see our Major Aziz Bhatti, who fought for so many days without putting anything in his belly. I pay my homage to such mothers who gave birth to great men. His Mother said that if my son will die during the Jihad for country, none should cry but pray for him. He had told his mother that see to it that my children will have a good education. She kept her promise with him". His son said that Dad be very brave when you fight. He just smiled. He was always saying that I want to die like a lion and not like a Jackal. Major Aziz Bhatti laid down under the Indian tanks in Sialkot sector. As the Punjab Chief Minister Ch. Pervez Ilahi has said that educated Punjab. So Milap also tells each and everyone that we should be aware of the importance of education of our children. So that one day they will be the greatest men and women of our country. If we see the history of Pakistan the ladies played a great roll during the war of 1965. They prepared the uniforms of the soldiers, take off there golden jewelry and gave it in the relief fund, make packets for them with the dry food. The same thing we have seen during the earth quake in October 2005 that the whole nation was one to help all affected irrespective of their religion, caste or culture. She concluded, "The unity among all the religions in the country is the key to successes". To highlight the importance of no war but promotion of peace we ended our program by lighting a candle and said the prayer of Our Father. Then the National sweets were distributed among the children and other participants. Margaret Piara Some Additions from the survey conducted by daily Urdu Jang. Their question to the minority leaders was, "How to strengthen the defense of Pakistan? Archbishop Evarist Pinto of Karachi said, "Every citizen needs to have unity among themselves. All of us have to work for the development of the country. If we work together we can strengthen the defense of our country." He ended by saying that we have not to create any example that our unity maybe in danger. Member of Sindh Provincial assembly and former provincial minister for information Technology Mr. Yaqoob Ilyas said, "The minorities in the country should be given the complete rights to make the brotherhood better. The oppressed should be given proper justice and we can make our country strong by avoiding weaknesses and have unity among ourselves". Protestant Bishop of Lahore Alexander John Malik said, "Along with the modern warheads we need social harmony in our country. Just with empty hands the defense of the country can not be strong. He referred to the services of the Christians in the past and present in the Army. Navy and the Air Force who served for the defense of the country in two wars against India in 1965 and 1971. Sikh leader Sham Singh said. "We can strengthen the defense of the country when the army and the government takes the people with them. Unless the citizens come forward the army alone can not defend the country". Hindu Balmik Sudhar Sabha's secretary general Amarnath Randhawa said, "The defense of the country is strong enough but the people have to be taken into confidence for the defense of Pakistan". Punjab Provincial minister for Minorities Mrs. Joyce Rufin Julius said, "If we are strong in our inner selves, then the defense of Pakistan will be strong also" Parsi leader Aashkar Modi said, "The government and the citizens can make the country strong with their common efforts. For this reason the close relationships of the people and government is essential".

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