Body with Fake Beard Among Malegaon Victims Found, Police Vanishes it Mysteriously


Bhopal, (India) September 13 : A corpse with a fake beard was discovered by Muslims while lifting dead bodies killed in the blasts in Malegaon in the western Indian state of Maharashtra on Friday last.
This has been reported by The Milli Gazette in its Online edition quoting Urdu dailies of New Delhi and Mumbai. The news was posted on September 12. The Muslim leaders and liberal opinion in India are, thus, suspecting Hindu extremist hand behind the recent bombings of a mosque/qabristan (graveyard) in Malegaon.
A corpse with a fake beard was discovered by Muslims while lifting dead bodies killed in the blasts. The police in Malegaon immediately took over that particular body and claimed to have sent it to Nasik the same day. Next day, September 10, it denied that any such body was ever found.
The news of the discovery was carried by Delhi`s Urdu daily Hindustan Express on 9 September. The same paper the following day carried the Malegaon police`s denial of the same. Urdu daily Inquilab of Mumbai carried the following report on 11 September. Here is an English translation of the report:
"Malegaon 10 Sept (Inquilab correspondent): The dead body of a man who was wearing a fake beard and had died in the bomb blasts of Malegaon has mysteriously disappeared. His body was badly mutilated and the lower part was completely missing. Aqeel Ahmed, a 37 year old tailor from Islampura area of Malegaon, says that he had himself moved the dead body of this man into the ambulance van when his [fake] beard came off. Inquilab`s correspondent visited the mortuary along with Aqeel Ahmed. When he asked Aqeel Ahmed to identify the dead body, he said that the body in question was not there. The medical officer of Malegaon Municipal Corporation Dr Vagh said that post-mortem had been carried on 30 corpses in Wadia Hospital and
one body was autopsied in Dholia Hospital but none of them was without legs.
It should be noted that Aqeel said to have himself moved into the ambulance van a dead body that did not have the lower part. According to Aqeel, at that time he did not pay much attention to this but realized the significance only later. This revelation links these blasts to the explosions in the house of a Rashtriya Swyamsevak Sangh, (RSS), member in Malegaon from where fake beards were discovered. Police say that they do not have any such information. However, if an eyewitness comes forward, investigation will be launched into the fake beard."
Meanwhile, it may be recalled here that in Nanded also in Maharashtra on April 6 last a very powerful bomb explosion took place in a house at the residence of one L.G. Rajkondwar, a retired engineer and a saffron brigade activist, which had killed two people. The explosion was so powerful that the body of one victim was blown to pieces on the spot while severely injuring three others. The blast was also so severe that people in around two kilometers vicinity came out of their homes apprehending an earthquake.
However, then also the police there allegedly played a cover up role, though initially it had conceded that it was a bomb manufacturing cottage industry. The investigations into the incident has been wrapped into veil of secrecy with police coming out with the version that the blast was the result of accidentally igniting of "crackers", stored in the house for sale on Diwali.
The media reports had stated that on search from the said house some articles used generally by Muslims such as scull caps and Kurta & Shalwar along with fake beards were found. (

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