Pakistani Islamists taking as consuming alcohol permitted in Sharia Law


Karachi: January 10, 2017. (PCP) Different Christian Religious, Social and Political groups have announced to protest in front of Lahore Press Club to demand complete ban on distribution of liquor and to cancel liquor permits issued to non-Muslims on religion grounds after sad incident of drinking tainted alcohol which killed 50 persons during celebration of Christmas in Toba Tek Singh on 25th December 2017, in Punjab province of Pakistan. Pakistani Christians have been demanding such ban on liquor permits after government of Pakistan ordered Department of Excise and Taxation Pakistan in 1979, to issue permits to Christians, Hindus and other religious minorities that they may purchase alcohol from government licensed outlets to use in their religious rituals. The consumption and sale of alcohol was allowed to citizen weather they were Muslims or non-Muslims in Pakistan for decades after formation of Pakistan but right wing and religious parties alliance PNA demanded ban on liquor terming it un-Islamic during campaign against Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto regime in 1977, on which to safe his rule ZA Bhutto banned liquor in Pakistan. Later Martial Law Administrator General Zia Ul Haq with The Prohibition (Enforcement Of Hadd) Order, 1979, President's Order No. 4 of 1979, on February 9th, 1979, allowed Christians, Hindus and Parsi communities to purchase and consume liquor through Liquor Permits issued by government. The non-Muslims were allowed to purchase monthly 100 bottles of beer and 5 bottles per month on those liquor permits which was officially produced by Murree Brewery owned by one Parsi Community individuals. The Liquor Permit issued by provincial Excise and Taxation departments is like a booklet which mentions dates of religious festivals and feasts of Christians and Hindus and sale was made from official outlets in accordance with those dates in every month. The Church of Pakistan, Catholic Church of Pakistan and Hindu Mahasaba Pakistan were authorized by government of Pakistan to verify and sign applications of individuals from their congregations who apply for liquor distribution permits. Dr. Nazir S Bhatti said in a statement that Pakistan Christian Congress PCC launched campaign against distribution of liquor on religion grounds in 1985, and publically set permits on fire in Karachi and Lahore because PCC viewed that in name of religion it is not fair because Christians not use Alcohol or Beer in their religious rituals. Pakistan Christian Congress PCC witnessed after 1985 that police was arresting Christians who were purchasing alcohol on permits and releasing them after taking high bribes; There were frequent incidents of police raids on houses of Christians in Christian colonies and recovering legally purchased alcohol for which they were putting pressure on Christians to sell drugs like Heroin which police was providing them. PCC feared that Police wants to turn Christian colonies in dens which proved right when drug addicts were seen in flocks in streets of Christian residential areas in every major city of Pakistan. Nazir Bhatti said “After rising crime and drug pushing by Police and government agencies in Christian colonies under cover of liquor selling to Muslims by some Christians, Pakistan Christian Congress PCC decided to file a Writ Petition in Federal Shariat Court Islamabad to ban liquor distribution on religion grounds” “It was surprising for PCC leaders that Muslim religious and political leaders who over threw government of Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto government under slogan of banning alcohol were silent on sale and production of alcohol to non-Muslim which was used as backdoor to supply to Muslims as Christian or Hindus have not buying power to purchase expensive liquor” added Nazir Bhatti It is on record that Nazir S Bhatti filed Writ Petition in Federal Shariat Court Islamabad in 1992, which was heard by Full Bench headed by Chief Justice Tanzeer Ur Rehman. Dr. Nazir Bhatti said “during hearing of my petition in Federal Shariat Court: Chief Justice appreciated PCC stand and gave remarks that it is up to Muslim leaders to decide that weather production and transportation of Alcohol is Islamic or Un-Islamic but it is petitioners duty to provide evidence or religious decree that Christianity prohibits consumption of alcohol” Nazir Bhatti said that I approached many Bishops of Catholic Church and Church of Pakistan to get religious decree that Christianity prohibits liquor but none was ready to give us such in writing to produce in Federal Shariat Court. “After PCC petition was dismissed in Federal Shariat Court the attorney general produced written letters of our Bishops Conference in which they issued decree that Liquor is Permitted and he took plea that Government of Pakistan issued Liquor permits to non-Muslims after consent and approval of religious leaders” told Nazir Bhatti PCC Chief urge Muslim leaders to step forward and demand production, sale and transportation of alcohol in Islamic Republic of Pakistan because revenue collected from sale of liquor is added to treasury of state which makes whole economy of Pakistan un-Islamic and un pure. Nazir Bhatti said that Senator Siraj ul Haq who is Ameer of Jamaat Islami takes forced conversion bill as un-Islamic then why he thinks that production, sale and consumption of liquor is Islamic? Why he not comments on this issue?

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