Punjab government urged to investigate Christian Study Center Rawalpindi activities


Islamabad: January 11, 2017. (PCP) The Board of Directors of Christian Study Center Rawalpindi is violating its Article of Association which was submitted with Registrar of Societies under Social Welfare Department of Government of Punjab according to complains posted on social media by Christians who are afraid of their safety as person who are running it are die hard criminals and influential to involve them in false cases. The Christian Study Center Rawalpindi was commissioned with foreign funds to promote Interfaith Harmony and to serve study opportunities from its Library to those who cannot purchase expensive books but both of these objectives along with many other are not properly fulfilled but premises of Christian Study Center Rawalpindi facilitate banned organization and their leaders who are under Fourth Schedule of terror activities are invited in name of Interfaith gatherings by its Director Bishop Samuel Azariah for which funds are provided by Treasure of Christian Study Center Marvin Pervez. The Christian youth and leaders face difficulties to hold their meetings and seminar on social issues in Christian Study Center and their requests are denied with comments that “Christian Study Center is not available for political activities” without any verifications. The Christian students and Youth are also denied entry in Library of Christian Study Center while Muslims with connection to banned organization are permitted to use facilities for meetings and excess to reading materials. The Christian Youth, Student and leaders who protest on ill behavior of Board of Director and Treasurer of Christian Study Center they are threaten of filing false cases against them. Bishop Samuel Azariah and Marvin Pervez are habitual to threaten all those Christians who ask question about use of funds which they collect from foreign donors and funding agencies which they collect in name of poor Christians because they file false complains with police against them or use same charity funds to bring false cases in higher courts on which no one dares to enquire from them. It is on record that Christian Youth and poor Christian are not beneficiary of those funds which Samuel Azariah or Marvin Pervez collect in their name because Christian youth is 70% unemployed and poor Christians are facing hunger. There are widespread irregularities and misuse of Funds in Raiwind Dioceses of Church of Pakistan headed by Bishop Samuel Azariah because it benefits friends and supporter of Bishop Azariah and there have been many cases against him in courts of law in past which ended in compromises under pressure and threats. Bishop Samuel Azariah and Marvin Pervez commit money laundering which is received from illegal sale of valuable Church properties in different cities of Pakistan because Bishop Azariah is moderator of Church of Pakistan. Marvin Pervez was arrested by FIA on his illegal activities and links to terrorists involved in drug smuggling in Afghanistan in 2004. It was also blame on him that he visited Israel in 2003-04 forging his passport and now he is meeting Indians Raw agents during his meetings abroad under cover of one NGO and Christian Study Center. Bishop Azariah and Marvin Pervez are main handler of funds of Christian Study Center Rawalpindi while they have appointed a dummy administrator who have no powers to utilize funds at her own will nor she have absolute powers to run it. The Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif, Intelligence Bureau of Pakistan, Social Welfare Department of Government of Punjab and Inspector General of Punjab Police Mushtaq Sukherra have been urged to immediately investigate activities of Christian Study Center Rawalpindi and necessary action against Board Member Bishop Samuel Azariah and Treasurer Marvin Pervez on hosting banned outfit organs and their leaders in cover of interfaith meetings to fulfil their anti-state and anti-social activities which are not part of objectives of Christian Study Center Rawalpindi. It also appealed to investigate financial record of Christian Study Center Rawalpindi because mass corruption is feared in this community institution.

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