Lent season begins with Ash Wednesday in St. Philips Karachi


Karachi: March 1, 2017. (Father Bernard Bhatti OFM) The blessings of Lenten season 1st March, 2017 Started at St Philip's Parish, Karachi, Pakistan. A Big number of schools and Colleges Students came together with their Staff to Witness the beginning of the Lenten Season, 2017. It is a Catholic Christian faith deepening program for the Youth of the Parish. Youth must be involved in all parish religious activities so that they can be firm to Witness their catholic Christian Faith understanding. St Philip's Parish always encourages its faithful to celebrate and to take an active part in all the liturgical events and seasons of the parish, with full zeal and zest. Ash Wednesday is a beginning of the Lenten season in the mother church. It is a time of fasting, Penance and prayer. The Lenten Season is a great humble way to prepare oneself and the community to welcome the Risen Lord on Easter. The parish Wants their youth to take part in all the good works, individually and in groups, namely helping the poor , needy and people who are rejected by the society without any prejudices or discrimination. The parish has prepared 10 steps program for the Lenten Season. 1. Lenten Season is a time to reflect upon the mean of Christ’s Sacrifice on the Holy Cross. 2. It is time to be one in Christ and to be ready to sacrifice our personal joys for others. 3. It is time to spend quality time in Prayer and solitude, personally and in family. 4. It is time to go for Reconciliation and to receive the sacrament of Confession. 5. It is time to save money to help needy and the poor. 6. It is time to abstain from high-quality food especially all kinds of meat items. 7. Time to look after one and others in the manner, Jesus did. 'Love your neighbour as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these'. Mark 12:31 8. Time to come together as family for prayers, and attending Holy Mass on Fridays and Sundays. 9. Time to stay away from all kinds of family differences, fights, to be ready to reconcile, forgive and ask for forgiveness. 10. It is time to accept our weakness, limitations, to be ready to face the realities of life and to welcome Risen Lord, on Easter day. Happy Lenten Season to all of You!

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