PEMRA is biased against Christians says Professor Anjum James Paul


Faisalabad: April 10, 2017. PCP) Pakistani Express TV channel is desecrating Christianity and Christians in a comedy drama serial “Baji Irshad” Pakistan Minorities Teachers’ Association (PMTA) has taken up the matter on the request and demand of the Pakistani Christians and mailed a letter Ref. No. PMTA/5-8/17-KPR, dated January 24, 2017 to honorable Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan and copies were served to Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan and Mr. Absar Alam, Chairman PEMRA on the subject “Request for suo moto against Express TV channel on desecration and insulting Christianity and Christians in the comedy drama serial Baji Irshad and the other media” Summon was issued to professor Anjum James Paul, Chairman PMTA to appear on April 3, 2017 before Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) Regional Office Lahore under letter F.No.14 (02)/RO-LHR/70/28896, dated: 28 March, 2017. According to Professor Paul, PEMRA committee was biased and not interested to take up the matter seriously and he time and again requested the committee to focus only the current issue instead of wasting time in other things. When he was not satisfied from the committee then he said, “If you do not ban this derogatory drama immediately and award punishment to the concerned authorities for breaching the Constitution of Pakistan and violating the agenda of National Action Plan then we shall go to the Supreme Court of Pakistan to seek justice.” Following is the text that was presented to incharge/secretary PEMRA CoC with DVD documentary evidence of episode 39 of drama “Baji Irshad” at the time of presentation. Later presentation and documentary evidence was sent to Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Pakistan, Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chairman PEMRA on the same day on April 3, 2017. Ref.No.PMTA/29-32/17-KPR Dated: April 3, 2017 To Ayesha Bilal Virk Incharge/ Secretary CoC PEMRA Regional Office 80-A Bridge Colony Abid Majeed Road, Lahore Cantt, Lahore Subject: SUMMON Honorable Madam Ayesha, Greetings and peace from Pakistan Minorities Teachers’ Association. Reference to your letter F.No.14 (02)/RO-LHR/70/28896, Dated: 28 March, 2017 subject “Summon” to appear before you on April 3, 2017 in the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) Regional Office Lahore. Summon is the result of the letter Ref. No. PMTA/5-8/17-KPR, dated January 24, 2017 mailed to honorable Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan and copies were served to Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan and Mr. Absar Alam, Chairman PEMRA on the subject “Request for suo moto against Express TV channel on desecration and insulting Christianity and Christians in the comedy drama serial Baji Irshad and the other media” It was expected that PEMRA will take immediate measures due to the sensitivity of the matter but it has treated it as a routine matter after 69 days. Perhaps it is a matter of a religious minority otherwise situation could be entirely different. Though 52 episodes of drama serial have been released but hate material regarding hurting the religious sentiments of Christians is being presented to you of the episode 39 .The duration of the episode is 38 minutes and 22 seconds. The episode 39 of drama serial “Baji Irshad” is available on the following link. Written by: Sara Qayum Executive Director: Yasira Rizvi Director: Zahid Iqbal ARTISTS Firdous Jamal Yasira Rizvi Khawaja Saleem Shehnaz Pervaiz RubinaArif Malik Raza FaizaGilani Saqlain Bashir KashifJaved ZainabZahid Hamid Malik Annaya Khan AreebaJafri Faisal Imtiaz Saroj Ahmad Wasla Omi Butt Pervez Khan Madeeha Hassan Zaidi CHILD ARTISTS Aliyan Rida Note: “Ref.” means “minutes” and “seconds” of the drama serial of “Baji Irshad.” RESERVATIONS There is religious, racial, social, economic and educational discrimination with the Christians in the drama serial “Baji Irshad” The drama is the creation of a biased mindset. All decent characters are in the pockets of Muslims. There is desecration of religious symbol as there are vulgar dialogues wearing holy Cross. There is racial discrimination as well because there are nick names like Kala Joseph (black Joseph), Peeno, Meedan, Chitti etc. Only Christians in the drama have been presented as non-serious, inferior, beggars, thieves, greedy, without etiquettes, superstitious, scandalizing their daughters, disrespecting parents, disrespecting husband, disrespecting mother-in-law, disrespecting father-in-law, disrespecting future son-in-law, disrespecting daughter-in-law, disrespecting future son-in-law’s mother and love affairs but Muslims have been presented very decent and well-mannered. Only Christians have been presented doing menial jobs. Only Christians have been presented uneducated as they wrongly speak Urdu and English language. But it is strange that when they speak with any Muslim then no wrong pronunciation. The biased writer has deliberately ignored the true picture of Christians who have been torch bearers in education, health. defence and many other fields but such type of mindsets have brainwashed even the public institution which offer menial jobs only for non-Muslims. The founder of Pakistan, the thinker of Pakistan and all renowned personalities of Pakistan have received education from Christian educational institutions but it was a deliberate conspiracy in the name of nationalization to keep Christians backward in every sphere of life. They have been deprived of their fundamental and constitutional right to receive religious education of the religion they follow negating and violating article 22 (1) of the constitution of Pakistan. Christians are now the most backward in education because they have even fears of abduction, forced conversion and forced marriages of their daughters while going to their educational institutions. Many Christian girls and boys have left their education due to discriminatory and prejudicial environment of the educational institutions. The educational institutions of Pakistan are a constant threat to the lives and beliefs of non-Muslims. Pakistani textbooks have segregated the non-Muslim students on the basis of religion and there is hate material against non-Muslims and non-Islamic religions in the textbooks so that they may convert their religion in a state of fear. They are even forced by their teachers and class fellows to leave their religion and to become Muslim. There is the violation of following articles of the Constitution of Pakistan in the drama. Article 4 (1) “To enjoy the protection of law and to be treated in accordance with law is the inalienable right of every citizen, wherever he may be, and of every other person for the time being within Pakistan.” Article 5 (2) “Obedience to the Constitution and law is the inviolable obligation of every citizen wherever he may be and of every other person for the time being within Pakistan.” Article 20 (a) “Every citizen shall have the right to profess, practice and propagate his religion.” Article 25 (1) “All citizens are equal before law and are entitled to equal protection of law.” Article 36 “The State shall safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of minorities, including their due representation in the Federal and Provincial services.” SOME DIALOGUES IN CONNECTION WITH THE MUSLIMS Christian domestic worker shows respect for her Muslim boss and there is no vulgarity in her dialogue. She even speaks Urdu correctly. What has happened to Haji Sahib? (Ref. 7:13) ÍÇÌی ÕÇÍÈ ˜æ ˜یÇ Àæ یÇ Àÿ¿ Daddy! I phoned you yesterday but you did not attend phone. (Ref. 23:39) ÇÈæ !˜á ãیŸ äÿ  ˜æ ÈÀÊ Ýæä ˜یÇ Â  äÿ Ýæä Àی äÀیŸ ÇõŠªÇیÇ۔ Daddy! Your green tea. (Ref. 32:51) ÇÈæ!   ˜ی Ñیä Šی۔ Thank you! Thank you. (Ref. 32:55) ʪیä˜ یæ ÈیŠÇ! ʪیä˜ یæ۔ SOME DIALOGUES IN CONNECTION WITH THE CHRISTIANS RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION Wearing of religious symbol “Holy Cross” while no religious symbol in case of Muslims who wear more religious symbols than Christians. Christians do not use religious symbols very often to avoid religious persecution. Documentary Evidence; There is desecration of the Holy Cross because no Christian can have indecent and vulgar dialogues wearing the Holy Cross. Ref. 9:06 Ref.17:35 Ref.28:04 RACIAL DISCRIMINATION There have been only nick names of almost all characters of Christians like Peeno, Meedan, Bootay, Bootiya, Chitti, and Kala Joseph (black Joseph) etc. Documentary Evidence; Racial discrimination as Peeno calls her future son-in law as ‘Kala Joseph’ (black Joseph) and ‘Kala Gulab Jamin’ (a kind of sweets which seems blackish.) Ref. 14:36 Ref. 16:06 SOCIAL DISCRIMINATION Documentary Evidence; • Non-serious I shall buy the hen that lays eggs My shoes bear the rebuke of my father-in-law I shall buy the hen that does “Kurh Kurh” I shall not go to my in-laws as my mother-in-law gibbers Oh Irshad! Why don’t you die? (Ref. 0:01) ˜õ˜šی Çæ áیäی ÌیÀšی Âäÿ ÏیäÏی Çÿ ÓóæÑÿ Ïی ̪š˜Ç ãیÑی ÌæÊی ÓÀäÏی Çÿ ˜õ˜šی Çæáیäی ÌیÀšی ˜õš ˜õš ˜Ñ Ïی Çÿ ãیŸ ÓóæÑÿ äÆیŸ ÌÇäÇ ÓóÓ Èõš Èõš ˜ÑÏی Çÿ ÀÇÆÿ ÇÑÔÇÏ! Êõæ ˜یæŸ äÆیŸ ãÑÏی Çÿ¿ One minute! One minute! Stop! Stop! Return that shopper to me. That belongs to my princess Peeno. (Ref. 1:18) Çی˜ ãäŠ!Çی˜ ã䊡ŠªÀÑ ÌÇ¡ŠªÀÑÌÇ۔æÀ æÇáÇ ÔÇÑ ã̪ÿ æÇÓ ˜Ñ Ïæ ۔æÀ Êæ ãیÑی یäæ ÔÀÒÇÏی ˜Ç Àÿ۔ (Note) No husband says “princess” to his wife openly in the bazar but this word is often used for daughters. Wife sings a Punjabi song with acting and in the meantime her husband arrives in the house and the couple dances. (I shall decorate the land when my beloved arrives.) (Ref. 26:52) ãÇÀی  æÿ Ç Êÿ ϪÑÊی ÓÌÇæÇŸ ی۔ • Inferior Christian domestic worker is sitting on the floor while Muslim girl on the chair. Ref. 6:16 • Beggar Brother! Please give me some money (Ref. 1:34) ȪیÇ !ã̪ÿ ˜ª یÓÿ Ïÿ Ïÿ۔ (Note) Christians are ready to do even the menial jobs but they are not professional beggars like many others. • Thief Christian beggar becomes a thief and stole a shopper of fruit that contains oranges and apples. This is just to show that Christians are not only beggars but thieves as well on the other hand it is a fact that most of the times Muslims provide jobs to Christians just because of their honesty. (Ref. 1:55) • Greedy Christian family has been shown very hungry and greedy while eating noodles. (Ref. 31:09) • Without etiquettes Christian woman eats apple with knife but not with fork. (Ref. 14:19) • Superstitious Christian woman blames her daughter-in-law saying, “She has magic on me and evil spirits are there.) (Ref. 9:01) Çیäÿ ãیÑÿ Êÿ ÊæیÊ ˜یÊÿ äÿ۔Êÿ ÈÇÀÑ ÏیÇ Ÿ یÌÇŸ äÿ۔ • Scandalizing daughters You are not ashamed of wandering with black Joseph. You have wandered entire Issa Nagri. (Christian town) (Ref. 14:36) ˜Çáÿ ÌæÒÝ äÇá ªÑ ÏیÇŸ ÊیäæŸ ÔÑã äÆیŸ ÂäÏی۔õæÑÇ ÚیÓیٰ äÑی ˜ª ªšیÇ Çÿ Êõæ۔ • Disrespecting father Pehan Sakina “Dibbe pe dibba, tera Abba Khabba” (Ref. 14:50) ÈÀä Ó˜یäÀ!Èÿ À ÈÀ۔ÊیÑÇ ÇÈÇ ˜ªÈÀ۔ (Note) This is a very serious joke and no child can make a fun of his father. • Disrespecting husband I shall eat flake when I remember you. Your face is like flake. Hahahahaha (Ref.17:35) ÌÈ ã̪ÿ ÊیÑی یÇÏ Â یÇ ˜Ñÿ ی Êæ ãیŸ Çš ˜ªÇ áیÇ ˜ÑæŸ ی۔ÊیÑÇ Çš ÌیÓÇ ãäÀ Ìæ یÇÏ ÂÆÿ Ç۔ÀÇÀÇÀÇÀÇÀÇÀÇ۔ Then what! Your face has become like shoes and shoes will be thrown on you. (Ref. 19:11) Êæ ˜یÇ ÀæÇ۔ÊیÑÇ Êæ ãäÀ Àی ªöÊÑ æÇáÇ Àæ یÇ Àÿ۔Êæ ªöÊÑ Êæ šäÿ Àی äÀ۔ Oh Bootiya! Listen to me with open ear. (Ref. 10:20) ãیÑی á Óõä áÿ Çæ ÈæŠیÇ˜ä ˜ªæá ˜ÿ۔ • Disrespecting mother-in-law And this old lady with no work. (Ref. 9:34) ÇæÑ ÓÿیÀ æیáی ȏªی۔ • Disrespecting father-in-law & mother-in-law And daddy Bootay! Listen to me with open ear. (Ref. 9:15) ÇæÑ ÇÈÇ ÈæŠÿ !ãیÑی Çی˜ ÈÇÊ ˜Çä ˜ªæá ˜Ñ Óä áÿ۔ I am saying this that from today onward you will not go to the parks. Understand! You are unable to do any work at old age and wanders. (Ref. 9:22) ãیŸ یÀ ˜ÀÀ ÑÀی ÀæŸ ˜À ÂÌ ˜ÿ ÈÚÏÊõæ äÿ äÀ ÇÑ˜æŸ ãیŸ ÌÇ ˜Ñ Çö컄 Çõ컄 äÀیŸ ŠõÑäÇ Àÿ۔Óã̪ÿ äÇ۔ ȏªÿ æیáÿ Ê̪ Óÿ ˜æÆی ˜Çã Êæ ÀæÊÇ äÀیŸ Àÿ ÂæÇÑÀ ÑÏی ˜ÑÊÇ ªÑÊÇ Àÿ۔ If you are not bothered about your honour then at least bother about my honour. The father-in-laws of the gentry class women are not wanderers like you. (Ref. 9: 39) ǁäی ÚÒÊ ˜Ç ÎیÇá äÀیŸ Àÿ Êæ ãیÑی ÚÒÊ ˜Ç ÎیÇá ˜Ñ áæ۔Ìæ ϏÿáææŸ ˜ی ÈیãÇÊ ÀæÊی ÀیŸ Çõä ˜ÿ ÓóæÑÿ ÇöÓ ØÑÍ ˜ÿ ÂæÇÑÀ Ñ ÏäÀیŸ ÀæÊÿ۔ • Disrespecting future son-in-law You are not ashamed of wandering with black Joseph. (Ref.14:38 ( ˜Çáÿ ÌæÒÝ äÇá ªÑ ÏیÇŸ ÊیäæŸ ÔÑã äÆیŸ ÂäÏی۔ You are going to marry black gulab jamun. People will ask me whether I have brought black gulab jamun or black Joseph. I shall say bring black Joseph as my daughter is not filled. (Ref. 16:07) Note: (gulab jamun is a name of a black colour sweet.) ˜Çáÿ áÇÈ ÌÇãä äÇá æیÇ ˜Ñä áی Çÿ۔ áæ˜ی ãیäæŸ ˜یä ÿ ˜ÇáÇ áÇÈ ÌÇãä áیÇÆی Çÿ ˜À ˜ÇáÇ ÌæÒÝ۔ ãیŸ ˜æÇŸ ی۔ ˜ÇáÇ ÌæÒÝ Çی áÿ ÂÄ ˜یæä˜À ãیÑی Ϫی ÏÇ ÑÌ Çی äÆیŸ ÀæäÏÇ۔ • Disrespecting daughter-in-law You are a bull. (Ref. 8:53) ÓÇä äÀ ÀæÆÿ Êÿ۔ Go and die. Get lost. You die. (Ref. 8:55) ÌÇ ãÑ ÌÇ۔˜ö컄 ÿÏÝÚ Àæ۔ãæÊ یäی۔ This is the witch of Issa Nagri. (Christian Town) (Ref. 10:15) Çÿ Àÿ Çی ÚیÓیٰ äÑی Ïی ÇÆä۔ • Disrespecting future son-in-law’s mother Her mother-in-law is a witch. (Ref. 28:00) ÇõÓ ˜ی ÓóÓ Àÿ äÀ Ìæ ÇÆä۔ • Love affairs Baji Chitti! You know Julie has run away with Charlie at night. (Ref. 11:31) ÈÇÌی öŠی! ˜æ ÊÇ Àÿ ÑÇÊ ãیŸ Ìæáی ÇÑ áی ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ Ȫǐ Æی Àÿ۔ ECONOMIC DISCRIMINATION Documentary Evidence; A Christian sells sweets and bananas on donkey cart. (Ref. 1:09) (Note) It is a fact that Muslims do not buy any eatable and drinkable items from non-Muslims considering them untouchables. That’s why they are down trodden. Have to just open and shut the door standing on the door. (Ref. 21:02) Èõææÿ Êÿ ˜ªáæ ˜ÿ ÕÑÝ ÏÑæÇÒÀ ˜ªæáäÇ Çÿ Êÿ ÈäÏ ˜ÑäÇ Çÿ۔ EDUCATIONAL DISCRIMINATION Documentary Evidence; Some examples of the words wrongly pronounced. • Speako instead of speak Ref.15:32 • Punt instead of pants Ref.18:43 • Gentunman instead of gentleman Ref.19:22 • Fave stair instead of five star Ref.21:01 • Sukar instead of sugar Ref.21:42 • Bignessman instead of businessman Ref.27:40 • Bijness instead of business Ref.27:44 • Chaneez instead of Chinese Ref.32:25 It is requested you to kindly ban the said drama serial immediately without any further delay to avoid religious sentiments of Christians and award capital punishment to the authorities of the Express TV Channel involved in breaching the Constitution of Pakistan 1973 and the agenda of the National Action Plan. With best regards. PROF. ANJUM JAMES PAUL CHAIRMAN Copy to; 1. Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan, Islamabad 2. Prime Minister of Pakistan, Prime Minister’s Secretariat, Islamabad 3. Chairman PEMRA, PEMRA Headquarters, Islamabad (Note): DVD of episode 39 of drama serial “Baji Irshad” attached herewith.

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