Drug addicted and disabled get attention at Christmas program. Report by Margaret Piara


Lahore: December 26, 2006. "There were two families who had a son who was addicted and there was another family who was a happy family. The son who was addicted he came home drunk and there was nothing for his Children, no food no cloths and no shoes. The wife was sitting and crying then the other family comes and brings food and others for the family. There he felt sorry and he decided to change his life. This was connected with the coming of Christ". This was the Christmas drama played for the drug addicted to make them understand that they are wanted in the society just like others. Miss Sonia Sadiq and Mr. Sunny Bhatti, the members of the Milap Organization on The 18th of December 2006 at the Lahore main office of the Organization, prepared it. They were 20 addicted and 3 disable with which we do help at time to time. When we told that we will have our Christmas program with them and they were so happy. Arshad, one of the addicted young man said, "you want to have program with us knowing that we are bad people. But no one loves us. We are grateful to you that you consider us worthy and human beings and are having this program for us this year". The Mialp member Sunny Bhatti told him, "You are the one more pleasing to the eyes of God because He came for the sick so you need the doctor. The 1st. reading was done by Mr. Sunil Sadiq Is.9: 1-9 and the 2nd was by Miss Tabita Matt.1: 23. Then Pastor Joseph gave the briefing about the readings. He said that Christmas is a feast of Peace. Sometimes this is just mere word and nothing else. During the year we have seen that so many bomb blast, fights war among nations and families and so many other things. So let us learn the real meaning of the word PEACE and act upon it. If we see the teaching of Jesus that is love. So let us become Jesus for each other and bring the same Love and peace within our families. The questions were asked Miss Sonia and Mr. Sunny Bhatti to the addicted. What is the meaning of Christmas? George said that it is Bara din (big day) and also Jesus was born in a manger. What is the name of the Mother of Jesus? Moon James said that her name is Mother Mary. What is the name of His father? Nathaniel said that his name is Joseph. We were all happy that even though they take drugs but they know about their religion. Those who gave the answers they got special gifts. One of them was drunk and said why Jesus is not healing if he heal the sick and give eyes to the blind. This is not fare. The others said that we are sinners so God is punishing us by keeping us this way. Mr. Suleman Khokhor told them that Our God is a loving God he will not pay us that way. If you want to change your life God will help you just turn to Him. It's never too late. Miss Margaret Piara the Director Milap said that we just neglect the poor even sometime we see if our relative come in that category we just don't consider them as our own. But to see Jesus who was the Son of God and there was no place for him from the beginning till the time of His death. We have seen that he was born among the animals and after his birth he was put in a manger and the animals kept him worm. For his last supper he used again someone's house. When he died he was put in the grave of someone. But God has sent His son in the World to have place for Love, Peace and Harmony, Justice. So let us have challenge in our lives like Jesus. This will be in our families, in our Church and Country and our entire World. That is how we can celebrate a good Christmas Day. Happy Christmas to all of us. Among the poor and the widows some eatables were distributed, like atta, ghee and sugar etc. Then the Christmas cake was cut and Milap Children had prepared gifts for each and every one. Then cake and other eatables were severed with tea. While thanking the Milap, Ashraf one of the addicted said, "we hope that one day Milap will have a big house which will be a home for the neglected one. This is our heart felt pray for Milap". Margaret told the news agency that this is our 3rd program for Christmas, 2006 these programs were held in Lahore, at the main office of Milap, at upper mall Basti Sadden Shah and at Kot Lakhpat. Another one is going to at Hji Gaga Kasur.

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