Hero police officer remembered during London peace concert


London: April 24, 2017. (PCP) Religious leaders from a number of faiths and people of no faith came together to remember the bravery of PC Keith Palmer, during a two hour peace concert outside 10 Downing Street on Saturday 22nd April.
The event which occurred exactly one month after the brutal killing of 5 innocent people by Khalid Masood during the now dubbed 'Westminster Terror Attack,' was a chance for people to unite in solidarity against extremism and to remember the bravery, dedication and professionalism of the UK Police Services.
Two time 'The Voice' contestant Si Genaro performed peace songs throughout the event from 12pm - 2pm, which started immediately after the London St Georges Day Parade.
Latasha Sinclair a platinum awarded dancer in Acro, Ballet, Tap and contemporary dance reencated the terror attack in a performance, which she hoped would express the pain that hatred can cause:
Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association and organiser of the event said: “When news broke of the barbaric brutal murder of innocent Londoners including brave PC Keith Palmer in broad daylight on a busy London street I shuddered.
Although, sad to say, the BPCA has become accustomed to similar stories of cowardly assassinations in Pakistan It comes as a great shock to hear of such atrocities happening so close to home here on the streets of London.
The BPCA has been relentless in speaking out in the UK against the aggressive and violent forces of radical extremists when these erupt overseas and at home.
It seems only appropriate that we and progressive humanitarians of all diversities redouble our efforts to do so in the light of recent domestic events.”
Wilson Chowdhry Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, guides the bagpiper around the corner of Pall Mall, during the procession for Keith Palmer.
Ranbir Singh Chair of the Hindu Human Rights Group, said: “HHR urges all communities to work together in order to defeat intolerance and extremism from wherever it raises its ugly head and which threatens to tear apart those very democratic values which we hold so dear, as well as the liberty which we take for granted.
"We encourage all peoples of all races and all religions to stand together in the name of peace. The individual tears we shed in remembrance of PC Keith Palmer will water the seed of hope for a world where hatred and violence has no place."
Toni Bugle a self confessed atheist and leader of Mothers against Radical Islam and Sharia, opened the event by reminding people of the pride in professionalism, that led PC Keith Palmer, to provide impeccable service to the people of London. She said:
"PC Keith Palmer took pride in being a Police Officer and was serious with his responsibility to protect life and property.
“On the day of the terrorist attack he placed himself in a position that cost him his life in order that he could save the lives of other people and for that he should never be forgotten."
Toni Bugle spoke of the need for removal of political correctness and red tape that was restricting policing performance. She added: "For too long the peoples's police have been shackled by political correctness, from special guidelines to rules during Ramadan. Unshackle them and allow our police to do their jobs equally and fairly."
Dr Taj Hargey, Imam for the Muslim Education Council of Oxford, who operates the only mixed gender service for Muslim prayers in the world, spoke of the need for Muslims to speak out against the fundamentalists that have hijacked their faith. He condemned the terrorist attack as one that did not represent Islam but was instigated by the ideology of hatemongers with a desire to cause polarisation and division.
"The murderous intent of the extremists involved in the Westminster Attack assumes the veneer of a religious crusade, but this is clearly not countenanced by the Holy Qur’an."
Dr Taj Hargey Imam for the Muslim Education Centre of Oxford spoke of the need for good voices to stand up against terrorism.
Dr Martin Stern a Nazi Holocaust survivor who lost most of his family during World War II, described the pain that extremism can cause. He warned against community silence and division.
Muslim barrister Rubab Mehdi Rizvi, spoke of the desire by extremist groups such as IS to destroy democracy and stability. She said: "A Country that celebrates vibrance, colours and diversity will not be defeated by a Nihilist ideology of death. PC Keith Palmer, every inch a hero will live in our hearts forever."

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