Sindhi Sangat protests against religious extremism and persecution of Hindus and Christians


Thatta: May 7, 2017. (PCP) Activists of Sindhi Sangat Sindh staged protest rally against religious extremism, atrocities against religious minorities Hindus and Christians in Sindh, Pakistan. Protest rally was held in Thatta district of Sindh, Pakistan. Slogans were raised against religious extremism and demand ban on religious extremist outfits. Sindhi Sangat Sindh leaders strongly condemned atrocities against Sindhi Hindu and Christian religious minorities in Pakistan. Responding the protest call given by the central chairman of the Sindhi Sangat Sindh Mansoor Khaskheli, activists of Sindhi Sangat Sindh and Sindhi Nari Sangat Sindh staged protest rally against religious extremism in Thatta district of Sindh, Pakistan. Activists of Sindhi Sangat Sindh and Sindhi Nari Sangat Sindh taken out rally and demonstrate in front of Thatta press club. Addressing the protesters, leaders of Sindhi Sangat Sindh and Sindhi Nari Sangat Sindh Danish Sindhi, Ahmed Baloch, Shehmeer Qambrani, Hameda Bano, Farzana Shah, Rizwana Memon, Ambreen Sindhi and others said Sufi and secular identification of Sindh is under attack. The rise of religious extremist sectarian and militant groups has started to destroy the fabric of Sindh i society. Sufi shrines are attacked, Sindhi Hindus are victims of religious extremism and forced religious conversion is still continue in Sindh, every year thousand girls of Sindhi Hindus become victims of forced conversation. Sindhi Hindus are forced to leave their mother land Sindh. Not only Sindhi Hindus but other religious minorities Christians are also worst victims of religious extremists. Government failed to protect religious minorities Hindus and Christians in Pakistan. PPP government has done nothing to stop the entrenchment of violent extremists in Sindh. Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance but misuse of the blasphemy law is continue in Pakistan. Hindu, Christian and other religious minorities are victims of blasphemy law in Pakistan. Every year more than a hundred people are charged with blasphemy. Pakistan’s blasphemy law violates human rights and encourages religious extremists to take law into their own hands. Religious extremists routinely attack temples and churches, forcibly change religion and in several cases, kidnap women and compel them to marry. The clergy and devout Mullah regularly use the notorious blasphemy laws as a blackmailing tool to provoke mobs to attack these non-Muslims or burn their homes based on blasphemy accusations. Policy of dictator Zia era to patronize and nurture Jihadis is still continues and the country’s political leadership lacking a political will to take actions against them. Religious extremism is a global threat, it is destroying global peace. Sindhi Sangat Sindh demands blasphemy law to be repealed. Sindhi Sangat Sindhi strongly condemns atrocities against religious minorities in Pakistan. Appeal international community and Human Rights organizations to take serious notice of religious extremism in Sindh, Pakistan. Sindhi Sangat Sindh demands stop forced religious conversion of daughters of Sindh and arrest religious extremist involved in crime against humanity.

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