Mohajir Nation united under Charismatic leadership of MQM Chief Altaf Hussain says Wasay Jalil


Philadelphia: June 21, 2017. (PCP) MQM Central Coordination Committee leader Mr. Wasay Jalil talking with Pakistan Christian Post during his recent visit to Philadelphia confirmed his belief that “We will achieve our goal under the dynamic leadership of founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain” Mr. Wasay Jalil very passionately talking about QeT Altaf Hussain said “It’s always been a great pleasure in following and fulfilling the instruction of founder and leader Altaf Hussain. Mr Hussain besides a leader, he is a great philosopher, ideologue, teacher and charismatic person. His intellect level is very high. Due to his background as a common man, he knows the real issues of a common person facing in Pakistan. To meet his expectations, we are always alert, so that we don’t miss any opportunity to serve our supporters and workers living in Pakistan or globally” Mr. Jalil did secured his B-Pharmacy degree in 1992 from Karachi University. In march 1987, during his student years he joined APMSO (All Pakistan Mohajir Students Organization). He started his political journey from National College, Karachi and became a very active member when joined Karachi University. Talking about his affiliation with QeT Altaf Hussain Mr Wasay Jalil saif “My passion with APMSO has its own value because my founder and leader of APMSO and MQM, Mr Altaf Hussain did his graduation from the same faculty. In 1988, I was given the responsibility of Joint Organizer of APMSO in Pharmacy, later I became the in-charge of Pharmacy Unit. On May 2nd 1991, I was announced as organizer of the APMSO for Karachi University” Just before the Army operation launched on MQM in 1992, Mr. Wasay Jalil was given a new responsibility, the Organizer of the Universities which included Karachi University and NED University. Mr. Jalil is in exile for last two years in UK with his family while his disabled mother, sister and other relatives are living in Karachi whom he is unable to meet due to establishment oppression. During Army operation of June 1992, Mr. Wasay Jalil moved to USA, where he started working for MQM overseas unit and later from 1994 till 1996 remained office bearer of USA chapter. After Benazir government dismissal on the basis on human rights violations and extra judicial killings, particularly in Karachi, in 1996, MQM leadership instructed him to move back from USA to Karachi and later he was announced as Member Central Coordination Committee in march, 1997 till 2005. Mr. Wasay Jalil also served as town mayor of Gulshan-e-Iqbal town in Karachi from 2005 till 2010. Talking about his experiences as public servant he said “We did our best for the constituents under the guidance of our leader Mr. Altaf Hussain. After the tenure ship of Gulshan Mayor, I was again announced as member central coordination committee in 2010 as head of information department. Till to date I am member CCC” In response to one question Mr. Wasay Jalil said “MQM is a liberal, progressive and anti-religious extremist party. It is his determination and conviction towards the cause which has enabled us to stand firm with him. I have seen myself on the walls of MQM head office, it was written, “No one can bribe MQM” and today I can say proudly that establishment couldn't bribed him and they have not been able to shatter his passion and commitment for his nation and cause” “Even though establishment since 1978 and till to date leaves no effort to crush MQM by making groups but Mohajirs are well educated nation and understands the psychology of establishment that how they infiltrate their people in organizations but their effort has gone futile in past and will face the same failure in future. Since June 1992 and up till now, we have lost more than 20,000 MQM workers, supporters and office bearers in different state operations. Since September 2013, so far 74 workers and office bearers have been killed extrajudicially, 125 missing and thousands are languishing in jail. More than 15000 raids were conducted but none of any LEAs didn't received any harm from us, besides establishment has leveled all sorts of allegations on MQM because they all were politically motivated due to their biases and chauvinism and due to this propaganda against us has enabled many to speak perceptive language rather reality” said Wasay Jalil In a question about coverage ban in electronic and print media of Pakistan about lectures and statement of QeT Altaf Hussain Mr. Jalil said “MQM did file petition in Supreme Court but turned down the request of Asma Jahangir (our Lawyer) and issued an order that since the case is being heard in Lahore High Court therefore wait for their decision. So far, no hearing date has been given from LHC on banning of Mr. Hussain’s speeches and pictures from mainstream media. Unfortunately, such orders in Pakistan are taken from backdoor where establishment plays its politics. Currently, we all can see the pressure given by establishment on judiciary and media against MQM and especially against Mr. Altaf Hussain” Talking about atrocities on Mohajir nation Mr. Jalil said “I believe that establishment since 1986 has kept MQM very much busy in hatching conspiracies against us. There is a famous saying “power corrupts and absolute power corrupt absolutely” and it is very suitable for Pakistani establishment. Their policy of isolation, criminalization and demoralization is underway on MQM and Baloch Nation as well. For time being they get their result but in the longer run they are not damaging MQM or Altaf Hussain, instead they are damaging the democratic system of Pakistan overall. Since September 2010, after the murder of MQM’s Convener, Dr. Imran Farooq, which I believe was the conspiracy of Pakistani establishment and through their proxies they are still busy in crushing MQM’s mandate but Inshallah they won’t be succeeded. Lobbying hasn't failed yet and we are knocking the doors of international community to use their good offices” In concluding remarks Mr. Wasay Jalil said “If we need prosperity in our country, then military establishment must stop its interference in civil institutions and politics. Civil leadership should fix their all weaknesses and don't give them any opportunity to allow backdoor forces to topple them” (Pakistan Christian will publish detailed interview contents of Mr. Wasay Jalil, Member of Central Coordination Committee MQM soon)

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