UN establishment conspires to elect Pakistan and other states on human right council


New York: October 17, 2017. (PCP) Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC have said in a statement that its surprising that state like Pakistan and many others have won seats in Council on Human Rights in United Nation. Pakistan is a country where human rights of minorities are curbed, religious freedom not exists, thousands of ethnic Muhajirs, Baloch and Sindhi activists have been killed or missing but still UNO conspires to elect Pakistan on Human Rights Council. Dr. Bhatti said that Pakistan Army to minus Altaf Hussain from political arena killed, kidnapped thousands of activists of MQM, a political party of migrant from India in 1947, when they successfully formed Pakistan under leadership of Mohammad Ali Jinnah. A country where Army makes and breaks political parties to prolong its rule and enjoy resources of federation while UN elects it on Human Right Council is very surprising said PCC Chief. Dr. Nazir Bhatti said “Christians in Pakistan are treated like 2nd class citizen but UN have never raised voice on it but paves ways to hold such rough state on Human Right Council” PCC Chief expressed concern on election of Qatar on Council seat also where thousands of migrant workers are denied due rights and religious minorities are under oppression. Pakistan is a country where thousands of Christian and Hindu women are kidnapped, gang raped and forcedly converted to Islam and sold to influential Muslims as sex slaves and all such inhuman acts are protected under Sharia law of Pakistan. Meanwhile, US and British diplomats rebuked the United Nations on Monday for including the Congo to its Human Rights Council despite the recent discovery there of mass graves. The Democratic Republic of Congo was elected to the UN Human Rights Council despite opposition from the United States and a leading rights group. All would serve three-year terms beginning on 1 January 2018. "Political repression, civilian attacks, mass graves". The United States, the United Kingdom and advocacy groups like the Washington-based Human Rights Watch called upon member nations to reject Congo's candidacy, citing widespread reports that its president Joseph Kabila has used repression and violence to hold onto power after his two-term limit expired on December 19, 2016. "Countries that aggressively violate human rights at home should not be in a position to guard the human rights of others", Ms Haley said in a statement. Britain's permanent mission to the United Nations estimated that 87 mass graves have been discovered in Congo between June and August this year, amid 1,329 reports of human rights violations trickling out of the country. "Today's election is yet another example of why the Human Rights Council lacks credibility and must be reformed in order to be saved", U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley said. In accordance with Assembly resolution 60/251, those Member States were eligible for immediate re-election except the delegation which had served two consecutive terms, namely Botswana, Congo, India and Indonesia. The US administration has threatened to quit the rights council, citing its anti-Israeli bias after it voted to compile a list of companies that have dealings with Israeli settlements. The Congolese minister for Human Rights, Marie-Ange Mushobekwa, welcomed the election, which however places its government in the forefront of its responsibilities. A majority of 97 votes is needed for election. Senegal won 188 votes, followed by Angola with 187 and Nigeria 185. However, human rights activists both within and outside the country decried the election of the DRC to the United Nations body. During last year's vote, China and Saudi Arabia won their seats by running unopposed. Other countries elected by the UN General Assembly include Australia, Afghanistan, Nepal, Qatar, Congo, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine, Chile, Mexico and Peru.

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