Leaders of South Asian community condemn Texas Church and New York City attacks


East Greenbush, New York: November 6, 2017. (PCP) The leaders of South Asian Community from New York State based in Capital region have strongly Condemned the attacks today in Texas and recently in New York City in a press conference here today. Addressing a press conference community leaders Mr. Akbar Khan, E. Nisar Khan, Dr. Gopal Uppal, Dr. Suresh Bhate, Ripon Roy and Dr.HP Wang said “Losing a life in itself is an offensive crime and has to be condemned at all levels. People involved in such a heinous activity should not have any place in the community” The members of community from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Burma have joined hands in New York State to spread message of Tolerance and Peace in society. The leaders added “We would like to ask the Honorable’s office of our President Donald Trump - Vice-President Mike Pence - Speaker of the House Paul Ryan - The Office of the Honorable Governor Andrew M Cuomo - Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul - Senator Chuck Schumer - Senator Kirsten Gillibrand - Congressman Paul Tonko - The Majority and the Minority leaders in the NY State - County legislators - Honorable Mayor Kathy Sheehan - Acting Police Chief Robert Sears, the FBI - The Homeland security team that these recent events in the US are causing a negative effect on the life of the People in the US. Currently US is progressing, with new jobs created and companies moving back into the US; the NEW RECORDS in the Stock market speaks for itself” “At the same time - this is with grave shock to hear news of this nature that have been perpetrated by law enforcement personnel. We need an indicative policy beyond party lines to address the issues at hand with growing negatively against the Ethnic community. We are all law-abiding citizens and pay our Taxes in time. We have no time after working long hours to spend time together to make end meets, and at the same time many community members have contributed to creating household companies in the US (Made in America), created jobs and provided job security in the US for many families” said community leaders We Condemn the allegations on the Police officer which as reported in the news said: “If you are going to live in this county, you need to learn to speak English”. We have been advised that the Language lines are accessible to the Police - we NOW have Body cameras and everything is recorded - need to know details. The growing numbers of the heinous crimes asks us to go beyond what we are doing now. Also, we recommend that a Citizen member be chosen from the respective local community of the different Ethnic groups with 24/7 access for any such issues should they arise in the Future and choose active members from the respective religious groups and have them play an effective role in keeping a close watch within their congregations and have them to liable for the community deprivation and cause of concerns for incidents such as the one in New York. We also like to have the local civic organizations to reach out to the families and the Ethnic communities members and discuss the different programs and offer support to protect and bridge the GAP that becomes a cause of other social and economic issues. The Most recent attacks in Texas on a Church, the Barbaric attack in New York, the attack in Las Vegas reminds us that it is an attack on our civil liberties and what America Stands for in the World. We recommend and ask the FBI and the Task Forces to work with the community leadership and put a partnership to address and have a vigilant eye within the community and hold an accountability to the highest level to avoid any such incidents to slip thru the cracks. We are New Yorkers resilient and forgoing. We cannot and will never forget 911 and do not support anyone connected to such activity. We ask the Local Ethnic community leadership to assist in the Community development programs and tolerance. Today we stand in Awe with pain and sorrow for the victims in the Church community in Texas - the victims from Argentina and Belgian in New York and the Las Vegas.

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