Riots in Lahore and Faisalabad are the performance of Islamic groups for elections 2018: HRFP


Lahore: February 27, 2018. (PCP) Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) highly condemned the recent riots at Dherr of Shahdara Town, Lahore and Alahiyabad, Faisalabad in Punjab, Pakistan. The both issues actually are performance of Islamic groups for attracting their likeminded voters and supporters for coming elections in July 2018. HRFP team lead by Naveed Walter, president resulted observing the facts during visits at both sites of incidents and meetings in person with victims’ families, stakeholders, line departments and authorities. In provincial capital Lahore Shahdara Town’s village Dherr, on Wednesday February 21, 2018 HRFP team met with Pervaiz Akhtar Naz, a grandfather of victimized Patras Masih falsely accused for blasphemy charges (295C) and taken their individual interviews ensured with every possible assistance. HRFP team also met with local Church Pastor Rafiq Masih and affectees including Imran Masih and others discussed the issue. On Saturday February 24, 2018 HRFP team met with victims’ families, stakeholders, authorities and local community at Alahiyabad, Faisalabad. The team did fact findings and ensured every possible assistance to victims and effectees. The team met Barkat Masih president local Church Council with Ch. Mushtaq Masih and Karamat Masih, local Christians. They shared their concerns about threats of further attack on them and stated actual reasons behind the issue was just due to kite flying and it’s “looting” at the point between Church and wall chalked having content “Tehreek e Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah” which became a religious issue by allies and a man living in front house of Church belonging to a religious group. HRFP team is grieved as in both issues FIRs are registered against victims; an FIR against Patras Masih of blasphemy charge(295C)in Lahore and he is behind the bars now on fake allegation of uploading blasphemous post on his facebook while he is illiterate and his cell phone was missed 3 months before the incident. While in Faisalabad, an FIR against 10 persons (7 known including a woman and 3 unknown) is registered under blasphemy charges 295A, with 7ATA, 324, 148 and 149 under PPC. In 7 known persons one is Muslim which proves the issue was not based on religion but was an issue of kite which results in conflict between them. Naveed Walter President HRFP urged to control the recent wave of fundamentalism in Lahore and Faisalabad within a week the two big riots in which the same Islamic religious group provoked the people through Mosques loud speakers and their big mobs in two cities against Christians makes a jeopardous situation. HRFP’s president said that the Islamic group is the same who made a big sit-in in Islamabad in November 2017 and it was ended with the “establishment’s intervene after their demands fulfilled including with The Elections (Amendment) Bill 2017’, to amend ‘The election act 2017’ by restoring the word “Oath” instead of “Declaration” in the nomination paper about the finality of Prophet hood (Khatm-e-Nabuwat). HRFP demands further to ban such groups making riots in Christian colonies on the name of Islam and they may create more fabricated issues before elections to attract their likeminded voters as they want to make their government by leading in July 2018 elections. HRFP rose further if Patras Masih’s case and the case of 7 people are not waived-off then the minorities of Pakistan will be hanging in fear and will be more scared about Islamists further “performances” for coming elections 2018; he added more.

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