Message by Dr. Stephen Gill on Easter


Canada: March 30, 2018. (PCP) I sincerely wish HAPPY EASTER with my fervent prayers to the Almighty to save the citizens of the global village from the lava of fanaticism of the maniac messiahs and help peacemakers to spread the culture of understanding and harmony to make it possible for every human to live and let live. I remember Professor Stephen Hawking, a renowned astrophysicist, who died in March of this year. He is known for his contributions in the fields of cosmology, time and space, especially in the context of black holes and the existence of parallel universes. Hawking achieved a rare fame in both scientific and popular circles, living with a serious neurodegenerative disease that left him paralyzed, Stephen Hawking predicted repeatedly about the annihilation of human race within 100 years or so, because of the environment that will become unliveable. He suggested abandoning Earth and colonizing other planets, though none habitable planet has been discovered so far. During the days of Easter, I think of this world-renowned theoretical physicist, primarily because his idea of salvation of humans is tied to my idea of Garden of Eden. About 18 years before astrophysicist Hawking’s predictions about the annihilation of human race and his suggestion to save humans, I wrote a poem titled “Garden of Eden” which was published in Canada in Messenger, vol. 14, in December 2000, and also in Shrine, collection of my poems, released in India in 2008 by Cyber Publishers. I mention in this poem that Garden of Eden perhaps was on some other planet. Adam and Eve, the first Diasporas on the earth, were able to bring the seed of the tree of knowledge with them to sow here. We see the fruit of this tree everywhere. When the descendants of Adam and Eve will colonize any other planet, they will take the seed of this tree of knowledge to poison the environment also of the host planet. Please find the poem below: GARDEN OF EDEN By Stephen Gill My observations have convinced me the Garden of Eden was a distant planet where the pineapples of happiness perennially prospered. When Adam and Eve broke the sceptre of the divine law they were chased out only mother earth gave them refuge. On the soil of her mind they planted the seed of the tree of knowledge which they managed to steal. It has yielded the fruit of jealousy, superiority, murders, rapes and exploitation in abundance. The blood of Cain still runs in the streams of the tree. It has poisoned the arteries of the mother. Her fall would be the demise of an age. Her children will be soon exiled to another planet as their ancestors were. Where will they go from here is a question. They are sure to carry the seed of this tree to corrupt the house of the host there also. I believe that salvation is not in transporting humans to other planets. First of all there is no nearest planet that is habitable. Mars is the one, but it has its own problems. The nearest possibly habitable planet is in the zone of Proxima Centauri. It is about 50 light years from our solar system. Each light year is about 5.88 trillion miles. It is impossible to travel that distance. Even if science and technology find a solution, question is if the population of the host planet will accept humans. There will be the problems of language, food and one can go on and on. Professor Hawking’s suggestion for the salvation of humankind is expensive and it is to distract the attention from the problems facing the world. Salvation is not in transporting humans to new locations. Salvation is in grafting humans to the Amazing Grace of the Supreme Love. Adam and Even broke their connection with the Supreme Love when they violated the Divine commandment. Salvation is in reconnection.

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