Agony of brain injured son of Pakistani Christian Asylum seeker family


Bangkok: September 12, 2018. (PCP) Young Pak-Christian asylum-seeker Soham Babar aged 11 years is fighting for his life in a Thai hospital after the long-term effects of an untreated traumatic brain injury resulted in continued seizures requiring emergency medical attention.
Soham incurred head trauma at the age of 4 in a freak train accident that left him with intellectual and neurological difficulties. He seemed to improve enough to finally be enrolled in school where he became the subject of vicious bullying. One day during an episode of teasing by a Muslim classmate he became frustrated and mishandled a primer that unbeknownst to him had a Quranic verse in it. This incident lead to he and other children in his family being beaten. Later his parents were assaulted at their home which eventually lead to his family's departure from Pakistan to Bangkok.
While his family came to Thailand for safety, it was impossible to afford continued treatment due to the Thai Government refusing to accept the status of asylum seekers, a choice they can make through not having ratified international conventions for asylum. Last year Soham lost both his sight and his hearing due to what they believe are likely related complications.
Last week he started to become ill with severe epileptic seizures and his desperate parents brought him into the hospital because his limbs were turning in the wrong direction and he was shaking violently and shivering as if he was cold.
Soham's heartbroken parents, Babar Ishaq and Robina Babar brought him to a private hospital to get treatment as they are not allowed access to Government hospitals, but the doctor has advised that his treatment will cost 40,000 Baht a night (which is approximately 768 GBP).
They will need to pay this expense no matter what happens to their son and this is a very precarious legal situation for them. The young boy is currently is in ICU and is unconscious and in no condition to be removed from treatment so his parents have appealed to BPCA for assistance with this medical bill which will grow if he is required to stay another night.
Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Paksitani Christian Association, said: "Once again we find a family of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers caught up in the intolerance of the Thai people who refuse to accept genuine asylum seekers.
"Sadly for this family the Thai authorities ruling of no medical treatment for asylum seekers means thay have to beg, scrape and borrow to save the life of a brain-injured child.
"The love for their child despite Soham's injuries that have placed so many restrictions on his life is a testament to their faith and belief that God's creation is precious. This same life and many others are deemed worthless by many who simply cannot understand how it pains God to see people suffering.
"God calls his believers to be helpers of the needy, a quick read of Matthew 25:40 sets this out quite plainy: "The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'

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