Asia Bibi to spend Christmas in another cage while 15 blasphemy accused in jails of Pakistan


Islamabad: December 15, 2018. (PCP) The Supreme Court of Pakistan acquitted blasphemy accused facing death sentence and ordered her release from Multan jail on October 30, 2018, but very mysteriously she was taken in custody by secret service agency team and moved to any disclosed location. It was reported in national media in Pakistan that Asia Bibi was driven in tight security to Multan airport from jail and taken to Islamabad airport after which no one knows that in which cage she is kept now. There were some reports in International media that aircraft in which Asia Bibi was boarded one EU country ambassador was also present and took flight to Netherland but late government of Netherland and Pakistan denied such reports. Sources close to Pakistan Establishment told Pakistan Christian Post that Asia Bibi not took flight to Europe but in a government's, plane was brought to Islamabad from where she was shifted to one military garrison locality where army lower ranks were not allowed. Now, no one knows in Pakistan that where is Asia Bibi as no one have ever met after her release from Multan Jail. Asia Bibi was allowed to meet her parents and other relatives in Multan Jail but father of Asia Bibi told Pakistan Christian Post that they have not met her after her release and even not know that where she is kept and how she is? It is feared by human right activists that Asia Bibi is moved from one cage to another cage and she is not free to go abroad nor celebrate Christmas as free citizen of Pakistan. Apart from Asia Bibi freedom story, there are 15 more Christian blasphemy accused Christians in different jails of Pakistan who will be behind bars during this Christmas. Meanwhile, Mr. Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of BPCA in a press release have said that while the world's attention is focused on freedom for blasphemy victim Asia Bibi over a dozen other innocent Christians are still languishing in prison cells awaiting their own appeal to Pakistan's blasphemy laws. We remind our readers of those we have to pray for over Christmas. To the world freedom for Asia Bibi after 9.5 years of brutal incarceration is regarded as a victory for justice, despite no arrest or convictions being placed on the persecutors who had falsified their witness testimonies to imprison Asia Bibi. Moreover, the Pakistani High Commissioner to the UK, in a meeting with Wilson Chowdhry, affirmed the official position that the appeal process against the acquittal is legitimate and said in no uncertain terms that the court process would run its course, a reality that has been confirmed by politicians and diplomats worldwide. That being said they have all now also confirmed to the BPCA that the Supreme Court hearing of a petition challenging Asia Bibi's acquittal will now be heard in January, meaning Asia Bibi will have to spend another Christmas locked in a room, albeit in the presence of her husband now that she is allegedly free. Wilson Chowdhry said: "Despite her joy at being free I cannot believe that Asia Bibi is feeling like much of a winner today. Especially as she remains under police protection in Pakistan at a secret location unable to even exit the room she is in for fear she will be instantly killed, while she is forced to await a Supreme court hearing of a petition in January calling for her acquittal to be quashed" We must not forget these Christians who are in jails on blasphemy charges and will not celebrate Christmas: Shugafta & Shafqat, Shezad Masih, Qaiser Ayub, Sawan Masih, Imran Masih, Nabeel Masih, Perzvaiz Masih, Patras Masih, Awais Qamar, Humayun Faisal, Ishfaq Masih, Asif Stephen, Nadeem Masih and Yaqoob Bashir. In another press statement, Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC have urged Pakistan Establishment to immediately permit Asia Bibi to go abroad where she may celebrate Christmas freely with her family. "Asia Bibi is moved from one cage to another cage and not free in Pakistan which is violation of freedom of human being" said Nazir Bhatti

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