Acquittal of Nazar Maish a Blasphmey Victim after legal campaign of The Voice Society


Lahore: July 7, 2019. (PCP) On August 23, 2014, a blasphemy case against Nazar Masih alias baba Naja masih under section 295A of Pakistan Penal code got registered upon the allegation of humiliating and insulting of the Muslim’s holy prophet lut. Nazar Maish lives about 450 kms away from Lahore.

Nazar Masih alias Baba Naja was a sweeper in the special Education Department (School for Blind Children) and he has been working in that educational department for the last 22-23 years.

On 23.08.2014 baba Naja was arrested from his shop on the complaint of Shahid Mehmood a barber who’s shop was next to Baba Naja’s house. The allegation was that naja Masih was telling him the story of prophet lut that when God cursed the people and land of lut. God Communicated with lut through His Angels and said to leave this place and go somewhere else. Lut had two daughters and they were afraid that our father is old, and there is not a man in the earth to come in unto us after the manner of all the earth they slept with their father so that his generation would not end. These words made this Muslim barber aggressive and he reported the police and complaint was filed against Naja Masih on 23.08.14. 

The Voice filed a bail petition for Baba Naja and by the grace of God the bail was granted with in fifteen days. Later the trial went on and yesterday i.e. on 6-06-2019 the victim Nazar Masih was acquitted in this case from Bahawalpur’s trial court. We give all the Thanks and glory to God’s name for this success and Nazar Masih’s safe and respectful release.

Earlier this year Pervaiz Masih was acquitted from his Blasphemy charges under section 295 C with the efforts of The Voice Society. We The Voice Society wants to THANK all our partners and friends who have supported us for this cause in prayers and with Funds. We seek your continuous help and support to continue working against injustice for the help and release of poor and innocent persecuted Christians.

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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