Jeay Sindh Mahaz,s Tehfuz Sindh rally on Feb 14, Altaf- Burfat nexus condemned


HYDERABAD: (By Abbas Kassar) Riaz Chandio, chairman Jeay Sindh Mahaz has denounced nexus between MQM chief Altaf Hussain and JSMM head Shafi Burfat on their ugly pledge of carving Sindhu Desh out of Pakistan. Addressing news conference Riaz Chandio, a senior Jeay Sindh leader criticized statement of JSMM head Shafi Burfat offering chairmanship of Maha Sindhu Desh an ultra-separatist movement of which Altaf Hussain chief of MQM had announced to carve out of Pakistan as an independent country named Maha Sindhu Desh.

He reminded people of Sindh that whole history of Altaf Hussain from Muhajir Qaumi Movement to Muthida Qaumi Movement has remained full of violence and human blood. His MQM has never taken political shape rather it racist mafia and an organized terrorist gang. We consider MQM London and MQM Bahdurabad both as gang of assassins. Since Martial Law of Zia this gang has been engaged in bleeding innocent people and since then, even today working on conspiracy to dividing Sindh. During Gen Mushraf’s time under system of city Nazims Karachi and Hyderabad were literally given under their control. Under their dictation criminal Sindhi Waderas were handed over various areas and districts.

He said MQM under its psyche of bias against Sindhis,did not allow Sindhis to make houses and register their names as voters in Karachi as also banned Sindhi students to admission in educational institutes. MQM

On one handed blocked Sindhi to settle in Karachi while on the other they encouraged and facilitated Afghanis, Burmese, Bengalis and Biharis to settle down in Karachi on permanent basis under planning so that city gave impression of city of non Sindhis. Riaz chandio also reminded that MQM was and still is obedient servants of establishment and allies of Waderas, working on salaries of international forces.

He said the criminals have no moral values or principles. Everyone knows well they have been killing citizens and dumping their dead bodies in gutters and terrorizing people through drill machines. They were involved in massacre of 12 May, Baldia Factory and other incidents of terrorism.  He said people remember well the black law of local bodies system of Nazims and division of Sindh under Zardari –Altaf ugly alliance. Now it is again repeated as alliance between Altaf- Shafi Burfat.

Chandio said Sain G.M.Syed was a really a national and democratic  leader of and his movement for national freedom of Sindh was based on nonviolence. He said introduction of Shafi Burfat was full of robberies, kidnappings and other criminal activities. His role was attack on peaceful movement of G.M.Syed through his policies of violence, assassinations due to which this peaceful movement came under state repression. Due to his attacks on peaceful principles of G.M.Syed which he introduced as full of violence by firing bursts at mausoleum of G.M.Syed, bringing disrespect to his Mazar. Burfat minted money through illegal means and then ran away from Sindh. He said they condemn the conspiracies of such elements who were designing to form governments on eve of birthday celebration of Sain G.M.Syed. He made appeal to followers of Syed to join hands to foil these conspiracies.

He said they consider Urdu speaking people as brethren of Sindhis and that the alliance of both can pull out them from hell bound slavery. He lashed out at Asif and Bilawal Zardari that Sindh seem to them as colony on failure to change of IGP. But it was bitter truth that Sindh was being run on lines of worst colonial system while for PPP’s daily Mafia as source of loot and plunder and alliance of Shaif Burfat and Altaf is also for making fortunes.

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