Baloch struggle shows they reject forced annexation in 1948, says Dr Tara Chand


WASHINGTON, DC: The Baloch American Congress (BAC) has said the Baloch struggle for their right to self-determination is ample proof they have not accepted Pakistan’s forced annexation of their homeland seventy-three years ago.

Dr Tara Chand, president of BAC, in a statement to mark the 73rd anniversary of the forced annexation of Balochistan Saturday said, “Balochistan was granted independence on August 11, 1948, separately from Pakistan and India, which was agreed upon by Pakistan founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The New York Times had reported Balochistan independence at the time. However, the Baloch ruler, the Khan of Kalat, was forced to sign on the instruments of accession at the point of gun by Pakistan army on March 27, 1948.”

He said ever since that dark day, there have been five brutal military operations to crush the will of the Baloch people.

“The fifth military operation is still ongoing. Called Pakistan’s secret dirty war, thousands have perished and millions have been impacted. Villages and farm lands have been burned down and livestock killed. People were thrown from helicopters to create terror.”

He said civilians, including women and children, have been indiscriminately targeted in Pakistan’s war crimes and crimes against humanity in Balochistan.

Dr Tara Chand said the irony is the slow-motion genocide in Balochistan over the years has gone hand in hand with loot and plunder of their natural resources.

“Billions of dollars in natural gas, gold and copper have been looted from Balochistan with no accountability while the Baloch got nothing but sorrow and miseries in return,” he said.

The BAC president said realizing they cannot defeat the will of the Baloch people on their own, Pakistan army has joined hands with China in a grand plan called the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) to take over Balochistan natural resources and its strategic coastline.

“Balochistan means the land of the Baloch. But China and Pakistan only want the land by getting rid of the Baloch.”

Calling the U.S., a beacon of hope for the world, he urged the U.S. administration to adopt a comprehensive plan to help end the sufferings of the people of Balochistan.



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