2017 Child bomb survivor Aleeza puts new prosthetic leg to good use at wedding

Pakistan: After a COVID-19 induced prolonged delay in obtaining a new prosthetic limb for the youngest survivor of the Quetta Bomb attack, this month BACA were able to remove the discomfort and pain Aleeza (4 yrs) suffered from an undersized prosthetic.

Aleeza was almost killed at the t


Innocent Pakistani Christian man who lost eye in violent attack by Muslims cleared of false charges of violence

Karachi: An innocent Christian man who was violently attacked by Muslims till unconscious and woke hours later in hospital blinded by the attack, has won a two-year battle to clear his name of false allegations of violence. He has also forced the Muslim attacker to pay a substantial amount of com


Muslim paedophile rapist and his friends threaten to re-rape Christian child of 6 and her sisters if parents continue court case

London: A Christian 6-year-old girl was beaten and raped after being forcibly taken to the home of a Muslim rapist in broad daylight. In a sickening twist the local Muslim community are threatening the Christian parents with violence, the rape of their other daughters and financial ruin if they p


Homeless man fined by Redbridge Council of £150 on littering cigarette’s butt

London: Hannah Chowdhry thumbs down the Redbridge penalty fine while homeless man makes amends by clearing streets of cigarette butts.

A homeless man who has been given a fine of £150 by Redbridge Council has become depressed and anxious fearing he will be put in prison for non-pa


Killer of Nadeem Joseph arrested reports Voice Society

Peshawar: Aneeqa Maria Chief the Voice Society reports that “I am glad to share an update on Nadeem Joseph's case, a Christian in Peshawar who was persecuted about three months ago on the basis of his faith and was murdered brutally”

The Voice society have been providing


Karachi floods; worst in 89 years leave Christian families destitute

London: Flash floods in Karachi caused by unprecedented monsoon rains have engulfed large parts of Pakistan’s financial capital, forcing many businesses, shops and markets to shut down. Pakistan has not experienced floods this intense since 2010 and Chief Minister of the Sindh, said: "


HRFP demands Domestic Workers Act implementations and condemned Rubby Masih issue

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) condemns false charges of stealing gold’s ornaments on Rubby Masih and her juvenile daughter being domestic workers but the reason behind harassments is religious victimization for not obeying their employer’s orders against “No Dom


Professor Anjum James writes Education Minister Punjab about Secondary Students minority rights

Faisalabad: Pakistan Minority Teachers Association PMTA Chair Professor Anjum James Paul have written an Open Letter to Dr. Murad Ras, Minister for Education, Government of Punjab, Pakistan, requesting to avoid discrimination and treat equally minority and humanities group students in the acceler


Christian teenager beaten to near death for quitting role as house maid at Muslim home

Lahore: On July 12, 2020, Anika Shehzad aged 16 years resident of Wandala Diyal Shah in Sheikhupura, began work as a house maid, at the home of a Muslim landlord Naila Bibi (32 yrs) resident of B.Block, Multan Road, Lahore. The employment had been organised by a woman in the same village as Anika


Aid Workers: ‘Hundreds of Christians Slaughtered In Ethiopia’

ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA: (BosNewsLife) Muslim militants have killed hundreds of Christians, including pregnant women, children, and whole families in Ethiopia’s most populous regional state, aid workers told BosNewsLife.

The coordinated killings of more than 500 Christians in Oromia


Chinese Security Forces Raid Bible Study

BEIJING, CHINA: (BosNewsLife) Chinese security forces have raided a Bible study gathering in South China and detained several Christians as part of a government-crackdown on faith, BosNewsLife learned Saturday, September 5.

Police, state security officers, and ethnic and religious affai


Request to ensure 2% reserved minority seats in public sector higher education institutes

Faisalabad: Professor Anjum James Paul Chairman of Pakistan Minority Teachers Association PMTA urges Mr. Mohammad Sarwar, Governor of Punjab, to ensure 2% quota for minority students in higher education under government institutes.

In a letter dated September 4, 2020, Professor Paul sub


Professor Anjum James writes again to Governor Punjab on religious minority students

Faisalabad: Professor Anjum James Paul Chairman of Pakistan Minority Teacher Association PTMA sends a reminder to Ch. Mohammad Sarwar about treatment towards Religious Minority Students with equality. The PMTA is a leading organization which is struggling in Islamic Republic of Pakistan about equ


Christian Man Arrested for Blasphemy After Pages of Quran Discovered in Drain

Peshawar: (By Qaisar Lodhi) A Christian man charge under blasphemy law in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. The arrest reportedly took place on August 30, 2020, in the Risalpure neighborhood of Nowshera. The suspect, identified by police only as David, has been accused of desecrating the Quran, the Is


China Forcibly Removes 900 Church Crosses in a Single Province, Threatens Christians

Washington DC: (ChristianHeadlines) China’s government forcibly removed crosses from more than 900 churches in a single province the first half of this year, warning church members that opposition would lead to dire consequences, according to a new report.

Bitter Winter, which mon

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