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Launching of Pakistan Alliance of independent schools

ISLAMABAD: February 7, 2015. (PCP) Pakistan Alliance of Independent Schools (PAIS), an initiative of Idara- Taleem- O Aagahi, held its first national launch at the Islamabad Club. The launch witnessed participation from various members of private school associations. Members of private school associations comprised of institutions from various arenas.

The stakeholders had the opportunity to interact and engage in discussions to identify optimal solutions that have the potential to be reached. PAIS provided a national level platform for private, trust and community schools to discuss views and prioritize on educational challenges so that collective efforts with government can be put forward for achieving the nations over-arching objective of Education for All. PAIS aims that the independent associations operating at the national, provincial and local level can tackle the problems faced by private schools. However, there is an obvious lack of collaboration between these associations. In this context, Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi, (ITA) in collaboration with School Assessment for School Improvement (SASI), Institute of Professional Learning (IPL) had proposed the formation of a country-wide Alliance of Private school associations.

Rafique Tahir, Joint Educational Advisor from Ministry of Federal and Professional Training, has termed the initiative as game changer and expressed his hope that plateform would do good for improving the quality of education in the country. It would resolve the problems of private schools he further said. The PAIS website link ( will be reflected in the ministrys website as well.

Beela Raza Jamil, founder Idara Taleem- o- Agahi, said that we are committed to provide quality education to every citizen of Pakistan and efforts would be made to improve the standard of education in the private schools.