Appeal to support The Light programme in Faisalabad by Stella Sadiq.

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Dear brother in Christ, Peace in the name of Lord Jesus Christ who is the savior of the world. Thanks for responding. Its pleasure to know that you are doing a great job in united states for your nation (Christian in Pakistan) .May God bless your efforts? . We are happy that someone is in the world, Who can raise the voice of Christian people in the world .We thank of God that he has given you responsibility to make up the standard of Christians in Pakistan too. Here in Pakistan as you know Christian community is weakest than other people in every aspect. No doubt many organizations are working to uplift the status of Christian people through different platforms in Pakistan but all these efforts are insufficient for such a huge number of people. A chain of problems seems which demands to solve .At present Issues on which the light is working are education, skills and health. 1. In education category Adult literacy project is running in rural backward areas where the women are totally illiterate . The light is also supporting and encouraging the young girls who were certified from our adult literacy groups to get education in formal schools. The light bears all school expenditures of students (girls). To get admission in other schools. For these girls are difficult so we have a plan to work on formal education also through school project. 2. In skills development field we launched skills training centers in same above targeted areas. In those communities mostly young girls and women are working in Muslim families as lob our or housemaid and there often bad situations are happened. Its in our future plan to promote small home industries, but now having limited resources we just give them different types of skills training e.g. sewing knitting embroidery, handicrafts etc that they could be able to earn some money by using these skills. 3. In health field we are running an awareness program named by "Agahi". This program consist on general health, mother and child, HIV\AID hepatitis family planning etc. In future we want to launch medical centers or dispensaries in targeted areas where people can easily reach and could get medical facilities from there. Kindly pray for our projects and also tell which specific field that you are interested to support or you want to do general support, if you want more information about any specific field as project proposal forms, please contact us. (Program Director) Stella Sadiq House.no16.Str#2.Fatehabad(east) Satyana Road.Faislabad38090 Pakistan.Ph#92-41-549202

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