Suicide Bombers, Follow-up

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Hello my Friends, I want to follow up the e-mail I sent out last week concerning the two suicide bombers who came from here in England, to help you understand the scope of what we are dealing with. A week ago, on Sunday, I wanted to find out what people down at Speaker's Corner thought concerning the suicide bombings on the previous Wednesday. When I went around to each of the speakers I was disappointed to find that none of them were willing to talk about the bombings; so I got up on my ladder, and held up the pictures of the two UK based bombers, Asif Hanif and Omar Sharif, and called Muslims to come and discuss with me about them. Immediately, over 300 people (almost 2/3rds of those who were then at the corner) moved to my ladder to listen, with the Muslims arranging themselves directly in front of me. I asked how may of those Muslims present agreed with the actions of Asif Hanif and Omar Sharif, and about 30 Muslim men raised their hands. I then asked how many of them would be willing to blow themselves up in the 'cause of Allah', and was surprised to see around 15 raise their hands, many shouting 'Alahu Akbar' in unison. I turned to the crowd and asked them to look carefully at the faces of those who were raising their hands and shouting praises to their God...saying that suicide bombers were not faceless individuals who lived in secret, far away in another land, but were right here, standing right amongst us, some of whom admitted as I spoke that they were prepared to blow themselves up, even in London! Standing on the ladder I could see the shock and horror on the faces of the tourists and passers by in the crowd as they realized how close to home the violence really was. I then had all the Christians raise their hands and asked them the same questions; yet the responses were in direct contrast to those offered by the Muslims. It was great to show the crowd the peace we have in Christ, exampled not only in his life, but by those whom he commissioned to pass on that message, including those in the crowd that day who raised their hands publicly, and were held accountable. Yesterday I stayed off the ladder and took the same argument to Abu Yassin, and Sheikh Ali, the two most radical Muslim speakers at the corner, who, though they refused to support the tactics of suicide bombings, conceded in front of the onlookers that the Qur'an does allow the killing of pagans and idolaters when they affront the name of Allah, or the prophet (quoting Surahs 9:5 & 2:105). They then tried to change the subject, and move on to questions concerning the trinity; but with the help of the crowd, who were now deeply interested, I then used it to show the irrelevancy of Islam for the 21st century, again in stark contrast to the example of Jesus and his gospel, whereupon they moved off with their disciples to another part of the corner. Truly the underbelly of Islam is finally being exposed publicly. I ended the session by quoting from a US public official who said a few weeks ago: "The god of Islam, Allah, demands that his sons give their lives for him,while the God of the Bible, Jesus, voluntarily, gave his life for us" That truly is the message for today, whose ramifications will have eternal consequences for those who heed it. Jay

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