Greetings from California... By Afzal Masih

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Dear Bhatti ji: Thanks for your reply to my other mailing address I am forwarding a letter of mine which I wrote to a pastor in Pakistan so may be you know who I am? Afzal Masih Dear Dr. Jacob: Praise the Lord I am a Pakistani American male settled in US since a long time. I am a new Christian and I am very happy the at the age of 45 I found the ultimate truth of the universe and the good Lord showed me the right path and saved me from the fire of the hell. I am all alone in this world as I am the only child of my Muslim and Hindu parents. I came from a small village of Tharparker my Muslim father was a zamindar and my Hindu mother came from a farmer family. My father got married with my mother secretly and before my birth he divorced my mother. When I grew up as a Hindu I have seen lot of happiness in my life my whole family was limited to my mother who was suffering from TB and my old grand father and when I was 12 years old my mother passed away and I was raised by grand father. I didn't get chance to meet with my father because I was under the threat if I ever told anybody that I am his son I'll lose my life? When I was first year of BA I lost my only relative in the whole world my grand father and I left alone in this world to taste the bitterness of the world. The other relatives of my mother moved to India long time ago and I don't know their whereabouts? I sold the house of my grand father and moved to US where I earned a master degree in film and television from the university of Montana and now with the mercy and grace of the king Lord Jesus Christ I am very well settled and I have a stable job with 20th century television as a producer and director. About seven years ago I got married with a Fijian Indian Hindu girl and we were having a happy life and about three years ago one of my American Co. worker who is a born again Christian gave me a holy Bible to read and he preached the Christianity to me and I used to go to Church with him and some one from the bottom of my heart was asking me to accept the kingdom of the Lord and I am converted to Christianity and baptized. My ex Hindu wife was very furious on my decision and she filed a divorce against me and she went back to Fiji Island. I don't have any kids due to two miscarriages of my ex wife. I have a stable job with good income but I am all alone. I am writing to you may be you will help in this regards I want to create a Christian family and want to remarried preferably to a Pakistani nurse? It is my dream to have children and family. I am a NAIK and SHARIF person with no bad habits as I am God fearing and I have a firm belief that on the day of judgment I am accountable of all my deeds in the court of Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I swear that my story is true and I can give all the reference. All I need a good looking Christian wife with whom I can spend my rest of life to have at least four children of my own, education, financial status and other things are immaterial. I respect all the women and I just want to get married and I know people play games but Dr. Jacob it is my age to settle down not to play games and I am very serious in this regards and if you can help me in this matter I would very appreciate it and the good Lord will give you reward of it. I am looking forward to hear from you. May the good Lord protect all of his children in Pakistan and else where from the evils?

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