PCP should launch print & electronic media in India

By : Hem Raj Jain

Dear Editor Pakistan Christian Post Anybody who knows anything about India knows that presently India is passing through a crucial phase which will decide the fate of not only India but of South & East Asia and ultimately the global order. Despite hollow boast of Government of India (GOI) about satisfactory GDP growth etc the half of India (which is engaged in small and marginal farming) is facing agrarian-distress even to the extent that ~ 40 farmers commit suicide daily and unemployment is rampant, which has exposed India to the threat of mass agitations and political instability. Corruption in India has soared to such an extent and politically powerful & corrupt elements in India has taken control of India to such an extent that thoroughly corrupt GOI is not recovering Rs ~1,000 Trillion State-capital from ~ 1 million politically powerful tax-evaders. Though this huge State capital of ~ $ 15 Trillion can solve most of the problems of Indians especially those problems which are emanating from paucity of funds. To make the matter worst, though India is constitutionally secular but Hindutva forces have taken over the apparatus of Indian State and are making lives of religious minorities difficult in India as evident also from Pakistan Christian Post Presently situation is so grave that even democracy is under threat in India and even communism may to come to India as mentioned at Trump should know encircled China will bring communism in India if rural distress continues. All these are reported in PCP through my various other articles and letters in PCP. Most of the problems mentioned above in India are due to the simple reason that the dominant religions in India (Hinduism & Islam) have not been able to inculcate modern liberal values in their followers. In such a situation if Christianity can spread such human values then situation may improve in India by Christianity working for (i)- Human-rights (ii)- Health-care of the people (iii)- Education of the people (iv) Conversion of most of the Indians to Christianity (by invoking their fundamental rights to religion) by first carrying out said philanthropic activities of health-care and education. But this mission in India can be achieved by Christianity only if first a media (print and electronic) is launched in India by Christianity for this purpose. If your esteemed media the ‘Pakistan Christian Post’ is interested in launching such media in India then I can talk to some Christians and their socio-religious leaders in India to patronize & support such Christian-media (other Indians will also eventually do the same) which will (with a missionary zeal) transform India into human-rights-friendly pro-globalization prosperous country. Regards Hem Raj Jain (Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’) Bengaluru, India

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