Sahiwal Incident

By : Ashfaq Sharif

I strong condemn and regret to heard sad news of “sahiwal incident” in which 3 family members including driver were killed those were going to attend wedding

 Killing of parents in front of their children was a slap in the face on PTI’s Punjab Govt.

The police first identified the victims as “kidnappers” and then as “terrorists from a proscribed group” raising doubts about the raising doubts about the “encounter”. 

 It is duty of Punjab Govt first to conduct impartial probe and collects facts what reasons this sad incident happened and do not protect or hide real culprits behind the encounter. Those who involve in this crime must get punishment without any sort of mercy or sympathy so in future such incidents never repeat again.

It is worst CRUEL act those responsible never skip from God silent stick punishment must face punishment in this world before die.

Thanking You

Ashfaq Sharif



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