People of Minnesota deserve & expect better moral & political courage from their Representatives

By : Hem Raj Jain

I understand from media that some politicians including from her Party and Prez Trump are asking for the resignation of Representative from Minnesota Ilhan Omar and she has apologized for her so-called antisemitic remark. But I do not find anything in her reported remark which by any stretch of imagination can be called antisemitism.

USA for the last about 70 years has been supporting unjust & brutal policies of Israel which has expelled Palestinians (who were earlier 90 % in Israel - Palestine) though Palestinians have nothing to do with holocaust. Therefore criticizing [US-Israel policy & any lobbying and influencing (including it’s financing) by Israel,  Jews etc for perpetuating these unjust & brutal policies of US-Israel] is perfectly legitimate and should not be allowed to be intimidated.

I find with great sadness that Representative Ilhan Omar is caving-in before this intimidation and instead of supporting the just cause of Palestinians is bowing down before unjust & brutal policies of US-Israel against helpless Palestinians. Still there is time and it is hoped that Representative Ilhan Omar will show political integrity & courage of conviction and will do the course correction by publicly saying that she stands by her criticism in every way of unjust & brutal policies of US-Israel against helpless & beleaguered Palestinians.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of "Betrayal of Americanism")

Shakopee, MN

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