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Letter To Editor

Importance of MASJID vs clubs

Ashfaq Sharif

I want to convey my message to all Muslim followers regarding what is more important in our daily life MASJID or CLUB.

I WANT to share my view point and all Muslim followers judge it.

Masjid entry free of cost but never occupy (expect Holy month of Ramzan )

Club never allow free entry which charged from members but often remain occupy

Very strange people prefer to go to HELL with payment but not interested to go to HEAVEN free of cost, this trend is not hidden from any common but who will awake this sleeping Muslims?

Being Muslim followers we wish to go to Heaven but we do not perform accordingly but doing anti-islamic teachings and expect from GOD to reach heaven which is too blunder and making foolish own self nothing else.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(Ashfaq Sharif)


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