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It is time to impeach Justin Trudeau


Letter to the editor:

Prime Minister no longer represents the electorate who voted for him. He is governing under false pretenses that compromise our Constitution.

Time to impeach Prime Minister Trudeau because he longer represents the infidels of Canada.

Would Muslims still be allowed to shout vitriol towards the USA. How about to kill Jews and Christians alike? Would they still in light of Bill M-103 still be able to criticize and threaten rape of our female populations? In other words, is Bill M-103 protective of 'both' sides of the equation? Does it mean in private Mosque prayers as well? Will this change the stripes on the zebra, the spots on the speckled trout? Will this change the beliefs of the Quran to a religion of peace for all to include the infidel in the muslim world too? Will dogs stop chasing cats?

Love God or Not? He gave us a choice. I'd rather believe in Him and be wrong, than NOT believing in Him and be wrong.



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