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IS threaten IRAN to conquer soon

Ashfaq Sharif

I want to share all human being of this world, who gave power or authority to ISIS people to attack any country and introduce own wish ISLAMIC SYSTEM when Islam is complete religion for all followers.

I read news on NET today regarding ISIS THREATEN Iran and shown wish to conquer soon? ISIS failed to achieve their goal or wish in SYRIA and Iraq but face memorial defeat FROM Syrian, Iran, Russia and Hizbulloah forces, ISIS what age U people become bold and real MAN why you attacking by suicide attack and targeting the innocent citizen specially women, children and elder person as no courage to fight against the real army people who sincere and royal to protect SYRIA & IRAQ from ISIS and want to kick OUT & crush their entire network of terror activities.

It is amazing news that ISIS and their allied who support, supply arms, train their terror, provide BOMBS COULD not success to conquer IRAQ and SYRIA, where they face memorial defeat and later force only exit to run away or die in foreign soil, now claiming to conquer Iran which is not less joke or BLANK threaten.

It is big question is who backing and supporting the devil cause of ISIS, where UNO exit or never speak a words against them which means someone protecting the evil cause but their wishes never be materialized INSHAHALLAH but on return face a heavy defeat, lost of their terror who died and waste of money for devil activities, remember one thing all who support and finance must be answerable to GOD for this devil act, be ready to face example punishment at GOD place if you getting rewards by supporting ISIS devil causes.

In end I want to quote Prophet Mohd (PBUH) famous hadis from a Muslim hand and tongue other human beings is saved check ISIS people where U stand in the light of this famous quote and do not mis guide other human beings by calling Muslims yourself. In Pakistan no one save from their terror GROUP attacks but very regret and dis-appointment why do not giving example punishment for the master mind ( to eliminate ) the terror from Pakistan which is only dream for every PAKISTANI.

My humble message to ISIS people ISIS & their supporters (endless madness put you people worst than ANIMAL ) Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

Thanking You.

Ashfaq Sharif



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