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Hem Raj Jain

Dear Editor

Pakistan Christian Post

Ref:- Article "Pain and hope of the people of Kashmir"

Mushtaq A. Jeelani is right when he says that the people of Kashmir have lost complete faith in the bilateral process of India and Pakistan and their ability to resolve the issue. But Jeelani does not understand that the Kashmiri's demand [which he says is simple and in accordance with international law: implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions] is not that simple because world community and India know that in case of plebiscite Kashmiris will opt-out of India and that will be victory of militant-Jihadis which in this age of ‘global war against militant-Jihadis’ world community especially powerful West led by USA will not allow. Hence if Jeelani is really interested in solving Kashmir problem then he should work for political consolidation of Muslims as mentioned at :- OR

Also due to immense bloodshed and sufferings in Muslim NAME & AF-PAK regions the Muslims especially Sunnis (as Shias are already consolidated through Iran under Ayatollah) for some time have been trying to consolidate globally but have not succeeded. First it was through Caliphate of ISIS of Baghdadi which was blood thirsty and anti-human rights hence failed. Then it was Sunni-NATO of ~ 40 Sunni Countries sponsored by Saudi Arabia and headed by former Pak Army Chief General Sharif but it was envisaging war against Shia Iran (which it seems not liked by Prophet Mohammad as after-all Sunnis & Shias are both children of Islam) and was trying to by-pass UN hence had no chance of success due to having potential of almost another World-War. Therefore (through said rehabilitation of Palestinians in Israel / Palestine and said peace march to Jerusalem) this is a golden opportunity for Muslims (Sunnis & Shias) for political consolidation in the interest of global human rights.

Indian Muslims should take the lead to bring succor to Palestinians and for global human rights. If Jeelani or any other person who wants to solve Kashmir problem is interested in this political consolidation of Muslims which can easily be used for the solution of Kashmir problem also, then I can assist him / her in this project for also mobilizing Indian Muslims and I can be contacted as given below.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India


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