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Letter To Editor

Why U killing people of HAZRA community in Quetta?

Ashfaq Sharif

I want to draw attention of Chief Minister & Governor of Baluchistan, Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chief of Army staff Pakistan why nonstop killing of people of Hazra community in Quetta Pakistan.

If Baluchistan police failed to protect the lives and property of minority than no need to remain in police services and pretend that they provide shelter and protection to SHIA minority.

Sorry and very regret to share that Hazra community people not saved in Quetta they are targeting for any special reason. I am surprise why our leaders quiet and remain speechless for killing of innocent HAZRA community in Quetta.

I am quote from Quran “if a man kills a single human being he killed entire humanity”

I am also quoting Prophet Mohd PBUH hadis “from the hand and tongue of Muslim other Muslims is saved”

Who are those ignore and forgotten teaching of Quran and Prophet Mohd PBUH and only think to killing of HAZRA community, does such people consider as human being or worse than animal?

When chief of ARMY staff when you go to QUETTA in order to protect the life of innocent people of Hazra community, please do not delay and give example punishment for those who doing this evil job and do not forget those who support and give shelter this devil people, Inshahallah very soon GOD will twist all neck and send them where they all deserve.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(Ashfaq Sharif)