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Letter To Editor

Govt fail to control price hike in RAMZAN

ashfaq Sharif

It is very regret and disappointment why Govt authority failed to control the prices specially in holy month of Ramzan to give relief middle and lower income group, as all types of vendors think to earn double profit their born right in the month of Ramzan.

See before holy month of Ramzan prices and During holy month of Ramzan prices every common can judge but Govt is sleeping and not interested to take immediate steps only think when price control committee fix prices which is enough, but see who obey these prices and selling?

Prices high specially in the month of Ramzan are as followings

a. Fruits

b. Vegetable

c. Chicken

d. Meats

e. Oil & ghee

If any traders making foolish the consumers and saying this price hike from back than how one can justify who responsible for this, why you increase your profit in holy month of Ramzan to convert your sins in good deeds, you doing charity – social works – helping needy or perform umra or hajj ( than no value ) in the eyes of God with is black money of double profit, Islam also hate and dis-courage this devil practice.

I must say non-believers of WEST are better than Muslims of Pakistan as they reduce the prices especially in Christmas so not a single poor person can’t deprive from this important festival but in Pakistan trend is to increase the prices since beginning of Raman and reach it peak during Ramzan, shame on such traders and vendors.

When Govt authority will awake and control the prices and those traders who caught over charging must be fined? When start this campaign which is the dream for every Pakistani?

I suggest that KCCI & FPCCI both together work for giving 25 special award “ greedy Ramzan Traders “ to those firms who earned leading profit in Ramzan so the entire nation knew who is the black sheep that rise prices in ramzan. This award such be given on 14th August.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(Ashfaq Sharif)