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IS threaten IRAN to conquer soon

Ashfaq Sharif

I want to share all human being of this world, who gave power or authority to ISIS people to attack any country and introduce own wish ISLAMIC SYSTEM when Islam is complete religion for all followers.

I read news on NET today regarding ISIS THREATEN Iran and shown wish to conquer soon? ISIS failed to achieve their goal or wish in SYRIA and Iraq but face memorial defeat FROM Syrian, Iran, Russia and Hizbulloah forces, ISIS what age U people become bold and real MAN why you attacking by suicide attack and targeting the innocent citizen specially women, children and elder person as no courage to fight against the real army people who sincere and royal to protect SYRIA & IRAQ from ISIS and want to kick OUT & crush their entire network of terror activities.

It is amazing news that ISIS and their allied who support, supply arms, train their terror, provide BOMBS COULD not success to conquer IRAQ and SYRIA, where they face memorial defeat and later force only exit to run away or die in foreign soil, now claiming to conquer Iran which is not less joke or BLANK threaten.

It is big question is who backing and supporting the devil cause of ISIS, where UNO exit or never speak a words against them which means someone protecting the evil cause but their wishes never be materialized INSHAHALLAH but on return face a heavy defeat, lost of their terror who died and waste of money for devil activities, remember one thing all who support and finance must be answerable to GOD for this devil act, be ready to face example punishment at GOD place if you getting rewards by supporting ISIS devil causes.

In end I want to quote Prophet Mohd (PBUH) famous hadis “ from a Muslim hand and tongue other human beings is saved” check ISIS people where U stand in the light of this famous quote and do not mis guide other human beings by calling Muslims yourself. In Pakistan no one save from their terror GROUP attacks but very regret and dis-appointment why do not giving example punishment for the master mind ( to eliminate ) the terror from Pakistan which is only dream for every PAKISTANI.

My humble message to ISIS people ISIS & their supporters (endless madness put you people worst than ANIMAL ) “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

Thanking You.

Ashfaq Sharif


It is time to impeach Justin Trudeau


Letter to the editor:

Prime Minister no longer represents the electorate who voted for him. He is governing under false pretenses that compromise our Constitution.

Time to impeach Prime Minister Trudeau because he longer represents the infidels of Canada.

Would Muslims still be allowed to shout vitriol towards the USA. How about to kill Jews and Christians alike? Would they still in light of Bill M-103 still be able to criticize and threaten rape of our female populations? In other words, is Bill M-103 protective of 'both' sides of the equation? Does it mean in private Mosque prayers as well? Will this change the stripes on the zebra, the spots on the speckled trout? Will this change the beliefs of the Quran to a religion of peace for all to include the infidel in the muslim world too? Will dogs stop chasing cats?

Love God or Not? He gave us a choice. I'd rather believe in Him and be wrong, than NOT believing in Him and be wrong.


Hurray for Gurdon and Yamanaka, Nobel Prize Winners for Pro-life Medicine


The research studies carried out by John B. Gurdon (Anglo-Saxon) and Shinya Yamanaka (Japanese) were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine. These two scientists are considered of being the fathers of cellular reprogramming. They have achieved to create cells that behave identically to embryonic cells, however, without having to destroy human embryos. The Swiss Academy declared that both Gurdon and Yamanaka have revolutionized the current knowledge of how cells and organisms are developed, which has led to the perfection of the absurd methods of diagnosis and therapy.

Jhon Bertrand Gurdon, professor of the Zoology Department of the University of Cambridge, admitted of feeling extremely honored for such a spectacular privilege.

Moreover, Shinya Yamanaka discovered the so called “induced pluripotent stem cells” (iPS), which have the same proprieties of the embryonic ones and are able to turn into whatever other type of body cell. He asserted that he will continue to conduct research in order to contribute to society and medicine. For him that is a duty.

Yamanaka created four types of genes that supply cells with their pluripotentiality, in other words, the same capacity that embryonic stem cells have. If implanted in differentiated cells, for example of skin, they become pluripotent stem cells. The iPS supply a vast amount of plasticity just as embryonic stem cells do, however, without requiring the extermination or cloning of human embryos, since the initial cells can be obtained from the same patient. In this aspect, these cells have the same status as adult stem cells do, with the advantage of their versatility.

The dilema that has been stirred by the iPS is being resolved due to recent studies carried out by Leisuke Kaji (Universidad de Edimburgo) and Andreas Nagy (Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital of Toronto).

The created iPS perennially retain their pluripotentiality. There is still the need of research to be conducted concerning the control of the difference between these cells in order for them to create the tissue that is necessary for each case. As Kaji affirms in “The Guardian”, it is a step towards the practical use of reprogrammed cells in the field of medicine, which could eventually lead to eliminating the need of counting on human embryos as the main source of stem cells.

The Episcopal Subcommittee for the Family and Defense of Life of the Episcopal Conference, beliefs that no Catholic could support practices such as abortion, euthanasia or the production, freezing and/or manipulation of human embryos.

Moreover, the Dictionary of Bioethics stated that the use of embryonic stem cells for therapeutic purposes is gravely illicit. (Translated by Gianna A. Sanchez-Moretti)


Open Letter with appeal to make India worth it

Hem Raj Jain

Dear Military Veteran Rajendra Singh Rajput

This refers to your letter with a copy to me too with subject “China claim TAWANG : Be ready to loose it”

Your concern for further losing Indian Territory to China is understandable but I may be excused for saying that unless we do something about it then writing such letters serves only one purpose that is to further demoralize India especially when there is one solution to it which India is not trying, as explained below:-

With merely $ ~ 4 Trillion reserve money China is super power hence what India will be if it recovers $ ~ 15 Trillion (Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion) State-capital as Income Tax from ~ 1million people who illegally declared Rs ~ 2,500 Trillion (Lakh Crore) as agriculture Income from 2008 to 2014 as explained at

Though Indians by and large are to be blamed for not constraining government of India (GOI) to recover this ~ Rs 1,000 Trillion State-capital but major share of blame should go to Military Veterans who understand the importance of this $ ~ 15 Trillion State-capital which will go a long way in making India not only economic super power but also MILITARY SUPER POWER and which is the best rather only way to avoid the situation where you feel the need of writing “China claim TAWANG : Be ready to loose it”.

I believe there is still a hope ( ) and Indian Military Veterans are not a gone case (I believe Indian Military Veterans know that once a soldier is always a soldier hence will rise to the occasion whenever country needs them). What is needed is some Indian Military Veteran should take the lead to bring them on Jantar-Mantar for raising demand from GOI to recover this Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion State-capital of Income Tax.

You have been writing such letters ( “China claim TAWANG : Be ready to loose it”) to many Indians (including Military Veterans) where you have been motivating them to make India a country which will command honor and respect from global community (especially its neighbors) but you so far have not achieved any success in this mission. We are all at our advance age of past 70 and I am sure you will also like to die in peace were you will see India of your cherished dreams and a country worth living for our children and future generations.

Therefore I suggest that you should come to India and I will join you at Jantar – Mantar in raising this demand from GOI to recover this Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion State-capital of Income Tax. I am sure you at Jantar-Mantar will be able to motivate thousands of Indian Military Veterans (who have tradition of coming to Jantar-Mantar for OROP etc, and rightly so) to join you at Jantar-Mantar and which is bound to ensure that GOI retrieves said State-capital of Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion which will not only emancipate India economically but will also make Indian a military super power where India will not only be able to retrieve PoK (even militarily, if necessary) but will also keep China at its proper place.

I am sure instead of wasting your (little available at your very advance age) precious time in writing such meaningless letters you will come to Delhi at Jantar-Mantar to effectively achieve (as mentioned above) for our mother land India, what you have been trying (so far without any success) to achieve throughout your life.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Every Four Seconds Someone in the World Dies of Hunger

Clemente Ferrer

The nudity of the indigent world could be dressed up in the leftover decorations of those who are vain, affirms Goldsmith. Moreover, Socrates used to call wealthy those who used their riches for goodwill, while the other opulent rich – even though they rejoice in wealth – remained proscribed among the poor, because their misadventures are grave since they are heartless and loveless.

It is known that those countries in deep misery and poverty on this earth can become rich in a short period of time if the copious investments to go to weapons for war and destruction are used for the acquisition of food and life.

Hunger is a plague that kills more than 6 million children every year. These children are victims of malnutrition, contagious diseases that are easily curable, but cannot be combated against since their little bodies are weak due to hunger. FAO, whose purpose is to end world hunger, asserts that every four seconds someone dies due to hunger.

There are about 1,000 million people that suffer from hunger worldwide, according to FAO’s Director General. He also asserts that food security is a primordial condition for peace and security around the world.

Furthermore, American singer and song writer Bob Dylan has joined in solidarity against hunger in the world by giving an NGO the benefits from his music hit “In the Wind” for an environmental campaign, free trade, and social responsibility about world poverty.

What is left for the opulent is the heritage of the indigent. Therefore, investments in farming, rural infrastructure, agricultural inquiry and quality training for youth that live in agricultural areas are critical in order to increase crop productivity and alleviate hunger, and thus poverty.

Hunger and malnutrition are among the most serious scandals that continue to affect the lives of humanity. Hunger is caused by man himself and by his selfishness, which results in the lack of social organization due to the rigidity of economic structures seeking profit even in practices that go against life and ideological systems which in turn reduces the individual (deprived of fundamental dignity) to a mere instrument, affirms Pope Benedict XVI. (Translated by Gianna A. Sanchez Moretti)

Clemente Ferrer

Independent Forum of Opinion (Spain